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When should we start speaking development?

When should we start speaking development?

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There is no opinion among speech therapists that children should be educated at the age of one. Some people think that they should deal with miners right now, and just don't because they don't have enough professionals.

When should we start speaking development?

Others say it is redundant before the age of three, as it can make a few months of urinary changes, not to mention the physiological abnormalities that themselves are repaired. What can we do in parents to prevent future failures, and how can we recognize that there is a problem? "In an age of one, active retinue is too narrow to use so many expressions textbooks for speech therapywhich is very strict data as children develop at their own pace "- explains Lövei Judit logopйdus. "At the age of three, there may be some differences in children's language development. Some people may have a year or two before the speech begins, which does not necessarily mean that they have a problem. the first words may happen.Sometimes the little one simply does not want to be born, but it may also seem that he or she does not speak because there is no example in front of them. it is right"- the specialist adds. He believes that there is a problem if the child does not father at the age of three or stops at an early stage of speech development: fractures, he expresses himself with songs and soundtracks, pointing, humming, using only vowels, making fewer voices and not paying attention to the sounds of his surroundings.

We should show you an example

"THE children with speech impediment number year after year, "says Judit Lövei, who says our accelerated life has an effect on it." Parents have less time to spend with each other and, of course, with their children. I think it's important to mention talking to one another, because even though it's not just for the kid, the little one can learn a lot from the sentences he or she has heard. And, over time, it engages in conversations. The story you hear in the living room is replaced by a DVD and a story channel, which can worsen the situation, "explains the expert, who says that picture books are a great tool for talking." The little ones love to see how we form words and imitate voices. We try to adjust our little mouths just like we did when we were adults, and this can often be funny minutes, naughty moments. "One of the best things to do when we start imitating the sounds of animals, animal book nudging him. Or we can do it. Essentially, April is good at seeing our voice in the midst of voiceover. And you can rest assured that there will be more laughs at best - a speech therapist will give you guidance. " playful sayings, songs are so true if the children have a rhythm in the middle as well, since proper rhythmic movement is essential for the ideal development of the language. The connection between movement and speech must be visualized in the brain as the mechanics of gears in a space. They hold on to each other and wrap each other. So, by employing one area, we have an impact on the other, "he adds. It's harder to fit and frustrated children who are hard to express themselves and because they don't understand them. communicate less, develop slowerAnd, often, they only reach large groups for speech therapy, and unfortunately they go to school with speech deficiencies and lack of resources. "If you have a problem, it is worth taking it to a speech therapy counselor first," says the speech therapist. We believe that your speech develops well, and we tailor our needs to where we are going to take our child back to. childhood habitus dominate and that particular maternal reverence that guides us to where we are going to feel. "

There is no organized early development in Bcshid

"In our wisdom, children speak their mother tongue with tales, songs, care, and games appropriate to their age and development, through interaction with one another, and with exemplary words," Takács Anna, a XI. Deputy Head of the United Bolshevik District Institutions. "Bécscscs, Bécs, is not competent in development. This task was carried out with the utmost confidence by a speech therapist who, through the Committee of Experts, has focused on the needs of children within the framework of individual development." akiknйl speech development is coming. "You have already kйt, should be addressed kйt йs fйl йves age toddlers fejlesztйsйvel to megelхzhetхek be the kйsхbb jelentkezх problйmбk" - tбjйkoztatott a name elhallgatбsбt kйrх the szakszolgбlatok йs the bцlcsхdйk kцzцtti egyьttmыkцdйst szervezх csecsemх- йs child-nevelх, gyуgypedagуgus specialist. "Caregivers of talking children at this age can only improve their physiological speech problems by always pronouncing the word correctly. However, it is important to start language communication, it hinders your social relationships in meaningful development, so further communication and learning can cause difficulties.Unfortunately, due to the transformation of the public education system and the early development of the yacht at the moment, the development of the public education system is not working or is in the process of being developed. Pedagogical services have a shortage of professionals, they can not, or only partially, deal with people under the age of three. In addition, it would not make much sense, as parents would have to take the tired little ones by the end of the working hours in the evening. More and more foundations are trying to provide parents with more or less success, but of course those who can afford it, because their excess is a paid service. The situation in Budapest and in the county seats is still relatively good, but in smaller towns and villages parents are completely left with the problem, and in many cases, the pediatricians and the pediatricians also ask the question rather than ask.These will also be useful: