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How to raise confident girls?

How to raise confident girls?

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The characters are strong and gentle, short-haired and diplomatic, ambitious and cunning. In the slightest thing, we raise our sons. Hey, you need to be constantly reinforcing…

My dear mother!
Congratulations to your baby, you are really lucky to have your wish fulfilled, even though you belong to parents of the seventy percent who wanted more for your baby than for your baby. No wonder, because a girl has much better life prospects in her wits. According to the statistics of 2005, in Hungary women are 65, while men are only 68 years old. But looking at the near future, they are better off with their little girl because…
- Babies get more anxiety and weakness from family members, acquaintances, friends who know that baby babies are witty. Perhaps that's why they are more overwhelmed from the start.
"Because they are surely overprotective, this is proven by the statistics of the polls." 65-70% of the babies being treated there are boys, so it seems that boys are more difficult to adapt to the external world. The first year carries more afflictions for their parents than for the virgin parents.
- The next few years will cost less for girls. Evolutionary psychologists observe that girls are more educated and therefore not affected by so many accidents. If your baby is warned of the source of danger, you will understand and do not call out fate. Eighty percent of the patients in the pediatric emergency ward.
- Not only do the girls take better care of themselves, they do not hurt others. Their boys are much less frequently fought and destroyed. They settle their conflicts in more words.
- Stolen, bet? Leave it to the son. Eighty percent of juvenile offenses against property can be attributed to boys.
- When they are young, boys like to show who owns the sandbox over the fate of blades and bumps. Babies play side by side, even though a boy does not keep the bucket out of his hands.
- The girls talk about the problems themselves, but we can listen to each other. They can also monitor the urn, so they can achieve better results. Boys fail twice as much and girls have less trouble learning.
- Behavioral and attention-deficit disorders are rare among women, with only ten percent of those affected belonging to the inferior sex.
All this is nice and good, but do we really see the benefits of being a girl on the social field? Most of the ministers' chairs are filled with men, and the real money settings are filled by men. When an older lady looks into our stroller and asks if we have a baby boy or baby, we will hear pink answer to comfort her son and congratulate her immediately. The second baby needs some practical explanation right now: no problem, at least the clothes are used.
Can't you even hear these diminutive comments? Or is he more guilty than you want to be? No wonder, as many women are more volatile than a man.

We also have a different perspective on gender

We often prefer the masculine qualities of our personality than the feminine ones. This will be applied to our little ones, whether we like it or not. If your baby is backing up with his plastic little car, we shouldn't be overjoyed, because no boy could have done better. On the other hand, it is only natural for a girl to fry the beads, because a girl is ready for something like that. Later, you can sew the broken buttons of the family. For this reason, no one will praise him, perhaps even for work they do not recognize such "trifle".
Women would benefit - and their females even more - by utilizing their masculine and feminine qualities. Once parked in the tight spot, we take a look at the makeup circle before leaving. Babies can play football and ballet as well, women can work out of their families, and of course, their lives can spin on their family. Let go of our ideas and give our little one a great deal of opportunity.

Near and late in the distance

The mother feels closer to her, which means that the same sex is almost an extension of herself. Wonderful sense of this bare-to-bare symbiotic relationship. However, it carries certain risks.
Just because the baby is closer to the mother, it is great to be clothed with a piece of our own experience and of our past life. We may be impaired in this way. For years, we are an example of a female role. Little boys two and three years away from the mother and turn to the father for an example. Previously, only a female character died, a housewife and a mother. Today, a woman can go many different ways. The opposite between a mother and her daughter begins when the mother realizes that her daughter is not leaning over her recognized role.
If you want to have a good job, a lucrative income, and be confident in the world, you will be annoyed if you find that your baby is afraid, retreated, and unable to control your will. Your baby may have other needs, a mother who does not recognize them is more a hindrance to her child's development than support.
Let's accept if our baby is another and learn from the situation. It is worth looking back at our own childhood, our relationship with our mother. A conversation can bring old events to light again. "I was like that at my old age like my granddaughter now? Was I a real little girl, or more of a boy, was it?
Mothers who strive to be tolerant and tolerant of their little ones are more likely to undergo adolescent self-restraint. The only thing that happens to the girls is what happened to their son years ago: they leave their mothers and seek their own paths. Often, very intense feelings come to pass.

Ideas for Fathers to Bring Your Baby

How can we help our baby to develop? Ideas for the Father

- The father is the first male in the baby's life, defining each male image. No small responsibility! Be the kind of couple you want in life. Х You won't leave all your housework with your superintendent, right?
- Admire the girl!
- The girls thirst for their father's appreciative look. We need to know that they are loving, kind and lovely. Don't skimp on the words of praise when your baby shows her newest outfit or drawing.
- Don't worry too much!
"The father is more afraid of their souls than their son, and it is no use to fight it." But, think too much about putting the anxiety in the child. A real knight always jumps in when he is in need and only watches from the backyard when things are going well without him. And both are well recognized!
- Intervene in "women's things"!
- Don't always leave family members alone. If you go to sports, bring your baby with you! While you're jogging, you can use your scooter to ask you and tell us what's in the door.
- May you remain a weak father!
"When your baby was a baby, they were bathing together, but now that she's a little older, you're not sure you can?" Don't let an uproar scandal upset your close relationship! Dad can wash, scrub, scrub, only he who has another such problem.

Baby parenting tips and ideas for moms

- You don't mind good shape, but if you have a little overhead, don't talk about roulette, or make comments about the weight of others! Babies are quick to notice this, the earlier we initiate them into diet, the greater the chances that they will not be able to accept their natural curvature in adolescence.
- Introducing multiple roles! The mother is the primary example, but they are quite different from her role! Among our acquaintances and relatives we will surely find such.
- We are in touch with our multi-child godmother, our independent and managerial aide, and our austere farmer. If our baby gets to know more than one different woman, she'll find the right one for her.
- We also have a variety. Each baby is blessed with her mother in front of the mirror. Eyeshadow, Powder, Rose - And how pretty a mother in a fitting theater dress is! Let's show that we love to look good, feel good about ourselves as a woman. But we don't have to put on full makeup every day to make it that way. With jeans and paint, we are not overlooked.
- Let's do it any way we like! Do you find babies boring? Just settle down with your baby between the pink laces and baby bowls. You can learn a lot when cooking and moving, as we customize the game. Are the babies quarreling? Let's show you how to settle a dispute. Let's swap out new clothes for them, organize the doll room, teach them new verses, arrange who knows what ...
- A little bit of capital doesn't help! Fuck, kids, work, housekeeping, and of course, all in a fit, funny, relaxed way - aren't we expecting a little magpie? Nowadays, everywhere you need to be maximized - this slogan walks you to the full potential. No wonder today's kids don't want to grow up! We will feel much more comfortable with our little girl if we get out of this race and not win over ourselves and each other with the will to conform.

Ideas for single mothers

- Keep in touch with full families! It is understandable that he is many times alone with the child. It is not fun to see others happy, but you can enrich your baby with a lot of useful experience by seeing how a "real" family and a weekly dad work. She takes part in the household, sometimes plays with the kids, sometimes gets tired and upset when she comes home from work.
- Don't put too much obligation on the child! She now has to solve all the household tasks in one person. Children who have grown up in a truncated family tend to be self-confident and act. There are no easy things to do on your own, but let's not worry too much about it. Why should a girl help more or serve the poke?
"Don't say bad about your boyfriend ... Because he's the kid's father, we have a lot in common." It is also a small crime to reprimand for unpleasant comments. If you have to suppress the love for the father, he can have traits of the father, serious internal conflicts. We would also jeopardize future happiness if we behave, by our words, to filter it out, men are all pigs.
- Show that she's skin alone! You often find yourself in a difficult situation, having to work at the same time, getting the sick child out of school, and the car broken down… You do everything, and that gives you the power to look to the future. Your baby will be lousy and lucky if you think your mother will have a positive attitude to the problem.
- Your baby's not a psychologist! They survive the hassle of weekdays alone. It would be good to talk to ourselves, to relax our souls, but not before our baby. Do not put our bitterness, our worries at risk. Do not reverse the relationship between an adult and a child, and do not make friends.

How does a baby develop and then grow up?

At six months of age, the baby can distinguish between women's and men's masks. In an experiment, a male and a female face were shown to the babies, and at the same time they could hear their voices in the recording, but not always in the image. The baby's attention was captured by the picture for a longer period of time when they heard a gender sound.
At the age of two, gender-specific interest begins to develop. The little ones pick the dolls, the boys pick the dumps.
Twenty-three years old call themselves son and girl, and recognize adults as well. Even though it is not clear that this is a circular truth, he believes that it can be changed along with non-fashion clothes.
At the age of three, her toys are more and more exclusively chosen based on her gender. She circles her life very closely, looking for new aspects that decide which gender she belongs to. Her mindset is inflexible: girls are long hair, talk a lot, help in the kitchen, boys play football, fight, don't like pink…
At the age of five or six, you realize that the genders we are born for are not changed. First and foremost, they play with the same sex, with the boys in the larger group, the girls preferring the two. You may also be interested in:
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