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For smart cushioning When should you cushion?

For smart cushioning When should you cushion?

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Fever is a natural thing that occurs to all children sooner or later. However, there is no reason for a picnic: here's the most important information about Lazy!

1. Flashing: In the butt or in the armpit?
2. What kind of laser monitor do you choose?
3. Laser Training Tips
4. What is Fever?
5. When do we talk about fever?
6. When do you need to quench your fever?
7. What to do in case of fever
8. Medicinal antipyretic
9. Physical antipyretic
10. Flames
11. Lбz - When to seek immediate medical attention?

1. Laser methods

If we feel the child warm but we are unsure whether it is fever or only feverish, the first step is to measure the small fever.The body temperature may vary slightly from person to person. It is worthwhile to measure the body temperature of the little one as well, so that we have a "steady-state" relationship. The age of the child is important in the choice of the laser method:
- Under the age of 1 year need to measure fever
- Between the ages of 1 and 3 years or in the armpit
- Aged 3 years in the underarm

2. What kind of laser monitor should we choose?

The temperature is usually higher than the temperature of the body temperature, so it is necessary to know the special measuring technique in order to obtain a correct result. Unfortunately, the frontal gauge is not accurate, which is why it is not recommended. There are forearms, patches, but these do not give a reliable result.Professionals recommend either a high quality digital laser level or an analogue laser level.It is important that Since 2009, mercury bullets have been discontinued. They got into places mercury-free analogues, in which the substance has the same physical properties as mercury but no toxic substance. (The perfect alternative to mercury is the galinstan-gallium, indium, un-mixer. It works as well as it returns, just like mercury, and just as accurately) It takes 4 minutes these for measuring.

What type of fever does your child need?

3. Some good tips for fever testing

1. Never wet your child's fever after running, showering or bathing, since they all raise body heat, so we can get false results.2. In case of hysterectomy, make sure that the child's body is tight against the body of the child, and that the fever level is the only one capable of taking the flesh in the proper measure.3. If an analogue laser meter is used, see below 35.5 shoot it!4. Always have your hymen a skin dryrуl! 5th Note that a hхmйrх do not let your head fall out on the other side of the armpit, or the little one should not move very much to avoid falling prematurely.6. Older children should be careful not to press the power button on the digital laser. 7. A tiny baby doll a in the butt most effective, but not to upset the final, scratch the tip of a fever, and the two of her feet took hold of her to keep her from moving. Fortunately, digital checkers quickly show you the results, so this - in a way - does not take much action.8. Lastly, you measure the results you get (just like the oral results in your mouth or mouth) 0.5 degrees must be subtracted (since we measure magh, not bodyhh) to get real results.9. Let's use it in the case of measuring in the end flexible end flaskst.

4. What happens to fever?

As the temperature rises, the production of immune substances increases and the proliferation of leukocytes slows down, making fever an important part of the defensive reaction. The lбz sъlyos mild йs kцzepesen fertхzйseknйl segнti the human body kьzdelemben against betegsйg as higher hхmйrsйkleten slow down, or even some szыnik kуrokozуk szaporodбsa not beszйlve arrуl to aktivizбlуdnak against the betegsйget kivбltу kуrokozуkkal mыkцdх egyйb vйdхfolyamatok.Magasabb hхfokon quickly destroyed the kуrokozуk , so fever helps the healing process. In small children, the heat often rises and then goes down unexpectedly. The fever may reach 40 degrees Celsius for three days and then drop significantly by the fourth day, suggesting a viral illness. If the fever continues to be high, more bacteria may be present in the stomach, otitis media, or laryngeal infection. Before we start dampening, wait for symptoms to develop, and monitor for the small patient. It's not the purpose of "pushing" the fever everywhere, you also need to pay close attention to your little kid's face. let's quench the heat. The situation is critical above 41 degrees Celsius: the brain's nerve cells can be damaged by such high heat!

5. When do we talk about fever?

We speak in the horn of 37-38 degrees Celsius hхemelkedйsrхl, Between 38-39 degrees Celsius for shot fever, 39-40.5 degrees Celsius for high fever, and above 40.5 degrees for very high fever. Infants younger than three months of age will not necessarily become febrile even if they develop serious infections. As with the elderly, the fever may go away or become feverish. In case of high fever infants are more likely to develop sepsis (a life-threatening, life-threatening infection) than any other age. Therefore, monitoring, examining, and providing care for a feverish baby is a task for the medical community at 38 degrees Celsius. In this case, it is enough to get rid of a little thick clothes, cover and drink lots of fluids. Pure water, soda free water, fruit juice, lemonade with honey and tea are the best. If you are still breastfeeding, we recommend it more often with milk, it is not necessary to drink it outside.

6. When do you need to quench your fever?

In children less than 6 months old, the febrile condition may be more serious. For infants younger than 3 months, we must start at 38 ° C lбzcsillapнtбst. If your baby is older than 3 months and less than 6 months, professional recommendations suggest that suppressing the fever at 39 degrees is important. the fever can be of spiritual origin. If a child does not feel well in the world, they are more anxious, affectionate, have trouble bearing on conflict situations, and sometimes all apparent causes are indulged. A typical sign of Sunday night fever is not feeling good in the ovi.

7. What to do in case of fever

It is very important that is only for the purpose of correcting fever, it is only needed when the child is fallen, worried, anxious. If fever is not noticeable in your mood, mobility, or presence, it is unnecessary to undergo a medical or physical cushioning of fever! The smaller the child, the greater the risk of discharge. What are the symptoms of baby rash? What signs do you think the older child is nearing to escape? If the kid is crazy, our most important task is a folyadйkpуtlбs, and stop the outbreaks! If the child is lame, just drink a sip of water every 10 minutes. For breast-fed babies, this should happen with breast milk, with more frequent breastfeeding. If the child is still breastfeeding, temporarily, while not accepting breastfeeding, we can return to exclusive breastfeeding. Breast milk helps the baby to heal. Pay attention to signs of spillage - circular eyes, dry lips, tongue, baby-spouted puppy, less pee diapers, light weight 2. Don't let me in, as long as! 3. No need to reload just because it's flabby - but it's not good to underdeliver.4. Do not use cold cooling because we are doing exactly the opposite effect.5. Do not add antibiotics cause of fever due to lack of knowledge, ie without medical advice. The antibiotic is not antipyretic 6. The bigger ones light food, foods that are difficult to digest should be avoided because fever can cause delicate bowel syndromes and may lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

8. Flammability medication

We speak above 38 degrees, which, according to the latest professional protocol of the 2011 edition of the Law, does not need to be attenuated on every ounce. It is important to note, however, that at 3 months of age, body temperature above 38 degrees is a major risk, as can the case of 3-6 months old baby over 39 degrees. Serious infection can be in the background! Medical examination is warranted.If the condition of the child (depression, malaise, etc.) warrants feverish pain, it is not necessary to keep at least the right amount of medication for the child's age. The kьlцnbцzх hatуanyagъ lehetхvй agents make to give the lбzcsillapнtуt rцvidebb idхintervallummal if szьksйges (pйldбul mйg not expired because the dose kцvetkezх beadhatуsбgi hatбrideje, but you have already kicsinйl visszajцtt the lбz) .The lбzcsillapнtу gyуgyszerek kцzьl hasznбlhatunk paracetamol or ibuprofen hatуanyagtartalmъt, the Ingredients are always included in the gift packaging. The anti-inflammatory effect of ibuprofen can also help with healing. Usually the same type of medicine can be given to 6 urns, but not more than 24 urns three times. More often than not, use an antipyretic drug specifically for medical advice, even after another two to three hours. Overdose can cause dangerous symptoms! The antibiotic is not antipyretic; its administration should only be started under medical supervision.

9. Physical antipyretic

It is important to say that physical cushioning (cold baths, compresses) is not recommended at all and is generally not used abroadbecause efficiency is not considered to be proven, and is even considered to be a tool of no avail.The success of the cold bath is based on whether the parent performs correctly. Many are unaware that healing and curing can help with healing with the right bath. Read what kind of herbal bath should be used.However, in 2013, it is recommended to use in the case of poor health, especially in combination with a medicinal herbal remedy. If the rise in fever has stopped but above 39 degrees Celsius, the child's limbs are hot, or if he or she complains of heat, physical cooling can be applied, but only by following the tips below. Cows to help cool the body Use the cooler bath and the priznic according to the following rules: - Use only if you have not checked your child!
- the water should not be excessively cold,Do not bother with cooling below 31 degrees: if the kid is trembling, then we are doing something wrong and counterproductive and really going up
- if your body temperature is reduced to 38 degrees, do not proceed with cooling. See the correct methods in more detail. hыtхfьrdх always keep your body warm, or at least keep your child at a comfortable temperature, and only slowly, slightly reduce their temperature. We can also rely on the natural cooling of the bathing water. Cooling is more effective if the water is applied only to the breast (not to the neck) and the free body surface is gently watered. Also, make sure you have soft supports, as cooling is most effective when your child is able to relax and feels as good as possible. hыtхfьrdх we usually limit it to fifteen minutes, but we can extend it by a few minutes if the child wants. If your child's temperature drops to 38 degrees Celsius, you should definitely stop the cooler. Carefully dry your skin, avoid coarse rubbing, and be very careful with cold water in children with heart disease, and remove them immediately!Shampoo - priznicDuring the stroke, wrap the whole body in a pleasantly lukewarm, well twisted water sheet and place a dry layer on it, such as a towel. Always apply full body or lotion to protect the bladder and the surrounding area with dry linen. As soon as the sheets warm up, replace them. They can be repeated three times in succession. If you are experiencing a cold, you should immediately suspend the priznic! The chill is only started when the child's hands are hot, ie the fever has reached its peak. There is no need to continue the flare-ups until normal body temperature is reached, as long as the heat is reduced to a tolerable level.Mild lбzcsillapнtбs it can also be a direct body contact, of course, if the parent is not flabby. Lay the undressed baby on our bare chest. For blankets, use at most thin sheets. The baby's skin gives off heat over the baby's skin, and the dermal balance balances up, so the fever is reduced by the gentlest method possible, while also treating the little patient. The same stabilizing effect can be achieved even if we embrace the powerful, cold-handed, ever-looser baby. In this case, however, we need to cover ourselves with a light blanket.It is important that ventilate regularly, especially when it is pleasantly warm outside!

Guide 10: Information and Tasks

Clots are caused by a complex biochemical process, usually caused by an infection, and not by fever. The cow is one year-old idea to use a flame retardant to prevent a flare.Formal incidence in children from 6 months to 6 years 3 Tables. It may have a genetic background, may be a family history of multiple births, may occur several times in a child, but may be delayed in pre-school age. lбzgцrcs regardless of how high the fever is, or whether it is rising or diminishing. The sponge is very scary, but by its very nature harmless, it is easily convertible with the proper presence of life, which fortunately has no long-term adverse effects. The duration of the seizure - although it seems to be long - is usually well below one minute, after which the child will usually fall asleep. It is up to the physician to make the diagnosis, especially since epilepsy can start to become "cramped".What to do in the event of a climax1. It is important to protect the child from collapse in a sideways position and to prevent backflow from the mouth.
2. Remove any objects that may be accidentally introduced into the environment. Let's put a soft thing under his head.
3. Don't leave the child alone!
4. Preventing the stomach, but the correct posture, that is, preventing choking, is a lifesaving intervention!
5. Do not give anything under the mouth to the child. No medicine!
6. It is worthwhile to "gather" more information about the fumes, especially if you look at it first. This information can be extremely important to your doctor. Let's try to record how long it lasted, and if we have a phone in hand, we can record it, and we can also record video!

11. When to seek immediate medical attention?

Seek immediate medical attention in the following cases: 1. If kiьtйs manifests with the child parallel to the fever, then it is worth doing the so-called ьvegpohбrtesztet. This is done by pushing a glass cup to open it. If the killing under the glass fades, no problem. If it does not soothe, then you have skin irritation. In this case consult a doctor immediately 2. If you experience a seizure in your child.3. If the child becomes poor.4. If you have been relaxing for more than 3 days.5. If its condition continues to worsen, it does not improve its cushioning or cooling effect.6. If you have any other unusual, worrying symptoms, these are the most important articles in this article:
- What do you need to know about the flames?
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