Babapurbz: Arms and Controls

Babapurbz: Arms and Controls

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Opinions about the use of baby dolls are very divided. Some people believe that this tool can be life-saving, while others find it humiliating for a child.

Babapurbz: Arms and ControlsRecently, a photo of a daddy carrying a baby on a baby doll in Budapest was echoed by an eagle echoing in the bellies of a tabloid. But why did we get so excited about baby dolls? And in general, what is worth knowing about this device, which is already popular in the world?

Types of baby shoes

A baby strap, or more sophisticated baby strap, is a strap that is attached to the child's body with a backpack or strap, and the baby's head is held by the baby. In the case of backpacks, the bag is folded together at the flap of the bag with a horizontal strap on the child's chest to prevent it from slipping out. Backpacks are detachable, so you can use them later without three.In Hungary, for the time being, you can see this type on the streets, but there is also a much more interesting solution to baby doll. For example, when a child is strapped to his / her parents by a wrist-like solution.Any solution is the same, the goal is always the same: in crowded or unsafe places (big cities, big events, traffic, etc.), the device helps the child stay close to the adult, you don't have to worry about getting mixed up with your breasts.

What do the opponents of baby shoes say?

The main control over the mating is that such a device is usually used as a pet, primarily a dog, and therefore violates the child's wellbeing.Some people who think it is simple comfort aspect controls the mothers who have children on baby rides, and in fact, only they want more freedom for themselves.Also blame the lack of a parent and think they should not give a well-raised child; in addition, the couple will relieve the parent of the child's own teaching of safe transport and conduct.

What do those who use it say?

Parents questioned by me who use baby heels believe that the harness has the undoubted advantage the parents' hands are freer, children who are 2-3 years old are safer and more adventurous under close supervision. Sхt! There is also someone who can be a lifesaver for such a tool. In the case of the Jews, this was also true: "This week, my two-year-old ran out of my hand. luckily I spent myself being out and running away. After that, we won't go without a trace again. We will continue to hold hands, but the assurance is that if I run again, "he will not be far away. we all think that there are situations where, with the utmost care, the child may be in danger. For example, if someone is restricted in their mobility and cannot run from a rushed child, this device can give them great security. A baby doll can also be practical if you want to know twins or smaller children safely when the parent is on the walk. , especially when it came to picking up the papers and the man has to have two hands. "Some of the babysitters believe that using this tool is not necessarily an educational concern, because they have temperamental, brave children hair on a occasion.Have a look at this dish:
My baby was very stubborn when he was a rookie, he would always run, but he wouldn't let me hold his hand, he always reached out and yelled. I bought a baby bib in the form of a backpack. (…) I didn't have to worry about running out of the car. The stress has become less stressful for both of us. I don't care what else you think. "Baby dolls believe that, contrary to belief, the baby does not disrupt the child's wellbeing, and that safety is always a foregone conclusion:
"It was such a funny situation for us that once the kid was wearing a dog show, we showed it to the dogs on the moor. But the child could feel calm and I couldn't lose it in the crowd!" said Esther.

On the outside, it is natural

Ajibola Rita Wanda a psychologist, a family therapist living in and out of the world using two and a half year old baby baby, its backpacking version. Interestingly, even with older children, the baby was not remembered, while the little one was specifically looking for a solution to this problem.As it was a constant source of stress, so when you hold your child,
"I think this device is not bad on its own. It is a question of who uses it, when, how, and for what period of time (eg airplane, mum with limited mobility). also those who are frustrated, but if you think that it might help somebody else for a while, you might find it. "Wanda feels that in the country I am much more receptive and tolerant. Be it for bereaved children, or for the use of baby boomers, it is not typical of birth. However, in Wanda's experience, in Great Britain, they place great emphasis on childhood health, they have to teach them.

What does a child psychologist say?

Bojti Andrea According to a child psychologist, the biggest problem with baby pimples is meditation. For the outsider, this device gives the feeling of walking a dog. As a result, parents who are reluctant to use baby bibs on their children are stigmatized or denied. At the same time, it is important to understand- the psychologist stressed that most parents have compelling reasons to use a baby boy, and often the parent feels bad about it too. It is important to provide security for a developer who is 2-3 years old and who has very agile and multiple mobility disorders. With such children, for example, I think it can be dangerous to drive across the street. "I would certainly be attracted to my child if you just didn't want to go out on the street," Andrea said during a chat.
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