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The Most Intelligent Breastfeeding TipsFrom the Beginning, Midway, and Illness

The Most Intelligent Breastfeeding TipsFrom the Beginning, Midway, and Illness

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The most personal tips from baby room editors can help you get a smooth start on breastfeeding and enjoy all the benefits of breastfeeding, even the most surprising.

Breastfeeding has a number of general effects

Bбlits Йva: One day profit

I needed one sentence. We failed to write down many times how important early breastfeeding, the right breastfeeding technique, was to stay with the baby. I still needed the sentence to complete the resolution Penelope Leach Small and small I read it in my book, somehow like this: learn to suck on the little newborn while her mom's breast is soft, because when the milk arrives, it may be as hard as a watermelon. Then it's a lot harder for the baby! With my third child, Peti kiprуbбltam. She also sucked on her stomach after she was born, but that's not the point. After the first sleep and awakening of your life, you spend every minute together. We talk to the hospital bed and breastfeed until you have either fallen asleep or left it alone. At no time in the day and night did he think of anything else in Uranus. I was asleep when he, I was showering when he was lying in his car for a couple of minutes. I tried and did not see if there was milk, never measured it, only harassed it when it had to be cleaned or bathed with the baby's baby. Miracle Wonder: A whole day before "the milkman was ringing" before his two siblings were born. The other side of the pet is sunny breast milk in her mouth! It's bullshit, no dummy, no dummy!

Judit Szхdy: Ъton - ъtfélen

It helped me a lot to get breastfeeding outside the house. I finished college with three kids - Marci my son was often asleep in the library, and I was breastfeeding between the urns. The big ones never missed anything because of the "breastfeeding time". We always carry the actual "little". Benedick three weeks ago I attended a cave gallery, Juli he came with us to Tékka on weekdays, and in fact he made his first flight to a conference in Sweden, half a year ago. breastfeeding saved her along with the resignation, the disembarkation of the sea. Lifetime lectures and blood tests were easily changed, thanks to breastfeeding. Traveling has also helped me a lot with carrying strollers: while still strolling around in the stroller and running around in the stroller, I watched the special people, the curious breasts and the curious breasts.

Ren Ungta W. Ungvбry: The coolest cure

If my kids were feeling bad, I put them on my chest because it almost always helped. Even if they were very feverish and sick, they didn't vomit breast milk. When I got sick and didn't even want to suck, I knew it was really bad now, I wouldn't want to see it right away ... When for example Kristуfnak at the age of ten months, I had a night of croupous seizures, I was completely unaware of what was wrong, I just thought I was dreaming and drowning in something, sharp, barking. I tried to breastfeed, but even that didn't help, she didn't ask. From that, I knew there was a lot of trouble, and we called the watch over and over. Luckily for Kristin, she felt herself sick. When he calmed down, he asked to suck on a cold, and I thought we were hard. Without breastfeeding we might have ended up in a hospital once or twice because of the danger of being drained, but once in a while we never had such a complaint until they were suckling. They often and little breastfeed, so they share without losing weight.