Eat fish, good for your baby!

Eat fish, good for your baby!

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The fetus comes from what you eat. Of course, you do not need to measure the baby's composition in a pharmacy balance, but there are a few things to look out for. If you like fish, then get started now. Looks like he's gonna kill her!

If you want a good baby, eat a fish!

The babies whose mother is multiple unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids consumed during pregnancy, the first half of the year showed less frequent cold symptoms. The latest issue of the Pediatrics Pediatric Magazine published a study by an international task force.

Protective fatty acids

According to the internationally accepted dietary recommendation everyone is advised to eat fish in any form at least twice a week, because the fatty acids in fish fat are essential for the prevention of coronary heart disease. Based on the experiences of Mexican pregnant women who consume docosahexaenoic acid (DHA fatty acid), the abundant fish intake is very beneficial for the health of the baby to be born. Because the fish variant has a fishy smell that many people are hesitant to do, the American-Mexican research team gave algae dietary supplements to pregnant women who were also pregnant. DHA kйszнtmйnyt or a true placebo indispensable placebo in the second half of pregnancy until the moment of birth. Subsequently, research workers regularly checked the health and well-being of thousands of babies up to the age of half. Kьlцn fordнtottak attention to the most common csecsemхbetegsйgek elхfordulбsбra, fцljegyezve, whether it was kцhцgйs, or nбtha bбrmilyen bхrkiьtйs.A megfбzбs tьnetei the megszьletйst kцvetх elsх hуnapban 26 szбzalйkkal ritkбbban turned elх azoknбl the babбknбl who йdesanyja the terhessйg constantly picked on mбsodik felйben omega-3 fatty acids. To a lesser extent, the beneficial effects continued in the first half of the child's life. omega-3 fatty acids, which are predominantly unsaturated "may favorably influence the function of the fetus and neonate immune system". Usha Ramakrishnan And colleagues emphasize that Mexican women on average consume half as much DHA nutrients as Americans do.Baby Room: In our country, fish consumption is below the average, although it is now easy to access, and frozen sea fish is not too expensive.