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Can we send you a pack of pelas? (X)

Can we send you a pack of pelas? (X)

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And on the Pampers Walk, they launched the Everything the Baby big diaper test game.

To the GAMES, those moms are looking for applicants, who would love to wear the Pampers Premium Care diaper. The test package is provided by the organizers, the moms just need to evaluate the product and upload the photo to the games page. The luckiest contestant, whose image receives the most votes, wins 800 diapers.
Would you like to try it too, would you?

Only the best for my baby!

For a mom, there is nothing more important than like knowing your child in safety, comfort and love. That's why so many people choose Pampers diapers. The Pampers Premium Care product family combines the latest innovations to give your baby the very best. Pediatricians and toxicologists took part in the development, to keep your baby up to 12 ounces dry.Silky soft as if the finest feather touches the skin of the little one and offers maximum protection from the first few minutes after birth. New, extra delicious a lot of party vouchers cover the little one, ideally suited for the delicate tummy of newborns. Keeps sensitive skin dry. However, a quick pee would not really make this product unique, but the fact that it is perceived and precluded by the faith is good for the most caring mother. you need to smell the pelvis from time to time, first, when we look at the wet bar, And we know at a glance if it's time for a pelvis replacement. It's incredible how fast babies are growing, so we hardly realize when the exciting, exploratory era is coming. Every day there will be a new score.It doesn't matter if the pelus adapts to the new movement. Of course, the only thing that needs to be done is that you do not have to give up the fluffy softness, the fantastic moisturizing ability, the ventilation. It is important for them to dry and feel their diapers and to concentrate freely on their discoveries. The Pampers Premium Care pant diaper is perfect for this soft, comfortable wearing due to the rubbery waistband, And it's easy to replace, just like an undergarment.