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7 tips to stay sexy

7 tips to stay sexy

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Baby cancer is the culmination of femininity if you think about it. Celebrate yourself and your baby with even more attractive looks - it helps even if you are getting bigger and smaller and are in ruins.

1. One by one!

Baby kayaking is not a reason to go unstoppable! Just put good quality healthy food in your throat, avoid sugar and white flour so you don't overdo it.

2. Emphasize your décolleté.

One of the wonderful side effects of the advent is the rounded and harder breasts. Forget the big, big hoodies and hoops. Sit tight to your body, V cut-off tops, and feel free to unbutton a button on your shirt for the bulk of your body.

3. Don't hide your stomach!

The female belly is one of the sexiest body parts. Your embroidered features look good in a fit miniature dress or even in a tight-lipped maternity farmer.

4. Let your hair fly!

By and large, hormone levels change most mothers 'mothers' hair to become a strong, fierce coat. Surprise yourself with a new hairstyle, a fresh cut! Coloring or grinding is also prohibited.

Become a sexy pregnant mom too!

5. Get started with lace-ups!

Well, because you're pregnant, you don't have to ride Bridget Jones in a huge sailboat underneath and wearing bra. Nowadays, there are colors and lace in the breastbreast. Wear matching French panties!

6. Forget the mole pants!

The latest fashions are on the tummy, surprise yourself with a few well-fitting garments.

7. Save your color!

Most little babies radiate their faces and their eyes shine. To keep your face fresh, so much more outdoors, apply the sun regularly and use a hydrating face cream.Also read these:
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