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Footburn during pregnancy

Footburn during pregnancy

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About halfway through baby kittens, most mothers get to know the delicate sensation of foot sponge, which usually begins at dawn, one at a time.


What can cause it?

- Long standing or snouty, with legs especially crossed;
- strenuous, stretched movement over a long period of time;
- Fluid retention;
- some data suggest that magnesium deficiency also plays a role;
- Excessive intake of phosphorus (uptake, gypsum, phosphoric acid containing compounds), as phosphorus hinders the absorption of calcium, although the latter is indispensable for healthy muscles.

What can we do about it?

- Once the stump has been set, move the toe back as far as the head or stand, or put the foot on the wall or the end in a lying position;
- helps with weak massage and warming;
- in the past, spend a lot of time working on a small aerobics and foot training session;
- consume magnesium cold water or, if this is not sufficient, consult your doctor about other sources of magnesium supplementation;
- a warm, relaxing bath before bedtime!Attention! If your muscle pain does not go away and you have local swelling, seek medical attention as it may be caused by thrombosis (wheezing and ecchymosis).
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