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The CTG exam

The CTG exam

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During the last few weeks of the third trimester of breastfeeding, the baby should be regularly on CTG. Answers have been sought to inquiries related to this investigation.

Learn about the CTG exam

Do you need a CTG exam from the third week?

Normally, you are usually pregnant from the eighth month, typically the last 4-5 weeks, to the expectant mother to appear for a CTG exam. This will always be decided by the patient's physician, depending on the particular pregnancy. There are justified cases, high-risk pregnancies, when you need to do this more often. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, twin pregnancy, vaginal bleeding if you have had a history of abortion, the amount of fetal water you have may not be right, or you may be premature. The baby's room is constantly watching for oxygen, that is, it is constantly checking the condition of the uterus. "Currently, NST is required from week 38 of pregnancy, this is approx. It means 30 minutes of registration. In the case of term terminations, this should be repeated more often, with opinions distributed daily at 1,2,3. However, this is not always the case, for example, in the Scandinavian countries or the United Kingdom, such examinations are not routinely carried out. We only monitor the fetus during this time of birth.Pathologic tests for pregnancy, gestational diabetes, hypertension, low amniotic fluid should be started sooner and more frequently. We want to monitor the fetus more during depression and childbirth, although unfortunately this is often the caseso ruthless. Of course, if someone is taken to the surgery in distress, there is, of course, no observation. Before a sporadic cesarean section, only the routine 30-minute NST exam is done the previous day. " Dr. Nyirбdy Tamбs you are an adjunct professor of childbirth.

What does the doctor see during the examination?

CTG examination the doctor can see the condition of the fetus a medical eszkцzzel. "CTG eljбrбs itself cardiotocographia, szнvmыkцdйs йs fбjбs megjelenнtйs, CTG regisztrбtum and cardiotocogram, szнvmыkцdйs йs fбjбs gцrbe. The vizsgбlat a doppler ultrasound vizsgбlat which detektбlja the szнvmыkцdйst and a nyomбsйrzйkelх keresztьl kцzvetve the mйhaktivitбst the abdomen." -Learn about the specialist.

How is a CTG exam done?

It is worth noting at the beginning that this is the procedure is neither painful nor dangerous babies and moms. Depending on the particular hospital and the number of recipients, it is possible for a pregnant mother to be present at the CTG exam at the same time. In most cases, you need to make an appointment in advance and make an appointment. The examination is performed in an examination chair, where the pregnant mother is comfortably, usually sitting, sideways or lying down when needed. Applying the probe with a gel may cause a cool sensation for a moment when it comes into contact with the skin. The sensor itself is fastened to the tummy and waist with an elastic band. You can relax, read, and chat with other mothers in the middle. This is usually a 20-30 minute procedure, but at least one hour should be counted along with the expulsion. Papers on paper are always evaluated by a doctor and based on the results, the baby is recalled to the next CTG examination. This can be as much as a day, or it will be enough in a week. baby, or even the machine has run out of paper. It is worth putting on a lot of clothes so that the gym can be undressed or just dressed according to the proper temperature to make it comfortable for the time spent in the exam. It is good if your baby is not sleeping during CTG but is moving and awake. So he didn't want to caress her belly a bit before talking to her. The test does not require fasting on the stomach, and even recommended that you eat, drink something delicious before the little one becomes more active.

How should the result be interpreted?

"The registry has two bullets, the upper one (the important one) shows the fetal heart rate, snaps the moments into the bullet. So, the oscillation (the fine "tremor, tooth"), the base heart rate, and the differences between the base heart rate need to be observed. Deceleration is usually not a good sign. The lower end indicates the activity of the mesenteric artery if it is a wave of contractions. However, it depends a lot on the mother, The evaluation of the curve will be based on the above considerations, d this unfortunately dependent subject, says Dr. Nyirbdy.

Is there a difference between CTG and NST?

The NST is also a CTG procedure, the three letters mean non-stress test. "It's a CTG where the mother and the fetus are at rest, and so on. But besides these, we can still observe the processes in the uterus by another method. EST is a test for breast stimulation, this is a stressful effect on the fetus, so if it's okay, it shows more than the rest (think just when you're relaxed, you can watch TV relatively comfortably, but if you work hard we should do it, it wouldn't work.) During the OPT, oxytocin provocation test, we give oxytocin to the baby via infusion, so they can be culled and so on. "
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