Hit the waves! Pregnancy is not an obstacle

Hit the waves! Pregnancy is not an obstacle

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When you have a baby, regular, intense exercise is something you don't have to worry about at all. You can find out about the experiences of mother-in-law with the trainer.

At the beginning of pregnancy, at the bad moments, we think that it is impossible to bear it, not to be able to do sports, because we are only sleeping all day. When the bed does not get sucked in, you are sure to be dealing with nausea or wheezing, or possibly feeling dizzy. Not to mention the stomach! The lucky ones will wake up to the first three months with eating attacks, or fail to realize that a little life is growing in them. But let's see what the opportunities are in the sport! Pretend at the outset that no one will be making one-on-one decisions in the next nine months. I think everyone knows who has ever been to sports. But the opposite is also a mistake: don't go back and eat chocolate all day long just because you're expecting a baby. You don't have to eat instead of two.
You need to find the exercise that you can continue as long as possible during your pregnancy. I do not recommend that you start a whole new movement, it is better for everyone to stay on top of what they have been doing.
Let's start out with a woman of her average, twenties, thirties. Anyone who has run twice a week until the start of pregnancy can continue running calmly, who has been aerobic training, aerobic further, naturally give the trainer a baby. It's not worth getting a heart rate monitor, so you have more control over your load meter. Consult with a coach, a doctor, especially when the burden is growing.

It's all out!

This is something you can start at any time. Because in the water you don't feel the increased weight, and let's face it, you feel comfortable feeling light. Doctors usually respond to baby's questions about waking up. One suggests that she should be pregnant in any case, the other does not care for her, because she expects her to get infections more often. This concern is not entirely unfounded, since the swimming pool water is not sterile. However, for those who are not very sensitive to infections, I recommend that you do this. Of course, it is absolutely advisable to consult with your doctor, because not only the fear of infections can be the only cure against whining. Any pregnancy can be another and numerous reason why the doctor does not recommend it.
Anyone who can do it, can go to the swimming pool twice or three times a week. If you go regularly, you will certainly know a place where you have never become ill. Go ahead, you won't be pregnant when you're pregnant!

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I spend all day in the low water in the autumn, and I am in the deep water too. The organization will sooner or later adapt to it. During my pregnancy, however, I was not afraid of water (well, well, 40 minutes), the little water that children learn to swallow, and sometimes there is an "accident", and I did not know it.
I have had several lessons that got pregnant during the long months of studying for fall (might that have such a productive, fun effect?). One of the women became twin, good-looking, healthy. He was just about to fall before the doctor took him to prison. Since then, she has returned to the swimming pool with her three-month-old baby.
Another lesson is in its sixth month. You want to come as long as you can. I support it in everything, because there is no better feeling than when we jump into the water and reach out. Only in the water can we make movements that are very difficult on the dry ground. The bodice waist and foot are watered up.
When teaching your little mother, you pay close attention to making only what is good and as much fun as possible. This can make education a bit difficult, but once the little taper is born, the mom will have a great feeling of going back and continuing where she left off.
Those who drink well should not think about what they should do in the water. What's cool. Of course, you do not need to butterfly, but everything else can come, if you do not move, your stomach will stretch. With board, palm rest, or fins. Even if you get a little tired. If you have a heart rate monitor, you may well enter a region where your doctor is not even predictable.
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