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Artificial Intelligence in Leather (X)

Artificial Intelligence in Leather (X)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI or Artificial Intelligence) is becoming a part of our lives.

Its presence in our smart devices is self-evident. It was only a matter of time before the doctors discovered this tool and applied it successfully in the field of skin care, for example. We do not think that this is an innovation that we can safely call "smart beauty care". After that, he also proposes solutions to make his day healthy with a healthy complexion. Is this the future? Or else? Recently, La Roche-Posay, one of the world's largest dermocosmetic manufacturers, has announced a world-renowned innovation. With the help of leather hides, they have developed an artificial intelligence based on extensive scientific knowledge, which has helped in the individual assessment of acne skin condition.

Effaclar Spotscan - the umbrella for smart cosmetics

In order to create the most accurate algorithm, La Roche-Posay has called leather shoes all over the world to have more than 6,500 different skin colorings, skin types and acne grades. The studies were conducted with 5 skin collars and 3 clinical research organizations, who have finally established a very accurate and reliable system. The mobile application can be called EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN. The name was also a conscious choice, as Effaclar is a family of La Roche-Posay anti-acne products.

It does not simply analyze, propose solutions, and follow-up

The EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN, with the help of your smartphone's camera, instantly evaluates the number of visible skin blemishes and the acne grade between 0 and 4+. Sхt! It also draws your attention to the need for a skin consultation. Based on the test, the service suggests a facial care program and special skin care tips. The before / after simulator shows the expected results and allows users to track skin changes.

Beauty and Artificial Intelligence

EFFACLAR's SPOTSCAN algorithm can help speed up your skin consultation decision so that your treatment can start and have a positive psychological effect. This application is a great example of how beauty care and artificial intelligence can work together. So it doesn't look like sci-fi in the mirror of our bathroom, a picture of artificial intelligence, does it?