Babanev Disaster - When I'm Happy About Naming

Babanev Disaster - When I'm Happy About Naming

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The best part of having a baby is when choosing a baby name. However, it may be a pleasure to start this enjoyable task.

Babanev Disaster - When I'm Happy About Naming

1. Steal my name!

There's nothing more frustrating than having a name, everyone is overjoyed with it, but a couple of weeks before being born a friend, a colleague or even a neighbor announces that he or she has just given birth to a baby. Before you get into all the panic and hysteria, it's a good idea to think about some things. First of all, we have to accept, there is none we "reserve" a name. Birk has the right to choose so we have no reason to be really angry with the "thief." Are you looking for a baby name? We're sorry, the most stolen person bypasses this defense and says he or she has chosen this name for years, or that we didn't hear it. Surely you can imagine not lying! What's nice is that other people might like it, and that this name has just become fashionable.
Another is asking if we can use this name after that. It is worth considering how often we meet this person. If you are not such a close relative, you do not have to deal with it. There is little chance of staying in touch after long years or having our children go to the same school. And if he is, what? Two have the same name in a group, it may also happen that wild strangers are brought together. Kids don't bother - and let's face it, that's not the end of the world. Remember, people were much less likely to choose names, so it was much more common for people with the same name to come together to distinguish everyone from the other.

2. I do not like this tradition!

There are many family traditions that all first-born boys are given the same name, or trying to talk about giving the child the name of a beloved loved one. However, you may not like this name at all, or you may not tradнciуt you think it's stupid.
At that point, the key is to find out what your husband thinks about it - whether he likes this name or wants to continue this tradition. If so, you are unfortunately lost. You have to accept that your child will be called that way. But you can do this by calling it a second name, and you don't call it that in everyday life. No one can be involved in this.
However, if your husband does not want to follow the tradition, you may want to fight the horrifying grandmother and relatives. Don't be illusory: it will be a difficult turn, and you may find that the resistance is so great that you end up giving your waist a favor of dignity. If this is the case, comfort the awareness that family peace and keeping traditions are important values, and that the child will be proud to carry on.

3. Call it as he would have liked it

Many grandmothers feel that your pregnancy got one second chance. If, say, her sons were born, even though she had such a perfect reputation, you might want to talk about her first day of pregnancy and choose her favorite. There are some who are not afraid to say no, and the baby to be born still refers to this name, perhaps even calling a baby born, even though its name is completely different.
Although this can be terribly annoying, you can't do much about it. You can try to explain that you don't like and dislike their behavior, but unfortunately you can't prohibit anyone from giving your child a nickname. If your grandmother is normal and you don't want to force her principles into anything else, you better accept this is her dilemma. There is a special link between grandparents and grandchildren. This includes a nickname used only between the two.

4. Nobody likes what I want

Fast nail it down - there is no name that everyone likes. The first thing relatives ask is the curvaceous stomach seeing what the baby's name will be. Whatever you choose, most of the cases will tell you their opponents. Because they know a nasty village fool with this name, and they'll tell you what nicknames they'll worry about.
Let me tell you to calm down and go after your own head - and for the most part you do not have to deal with these ratites, but keep your eyes open. It may be a meaning of the name, or a nickname that you don't think of, but it can be really unpleasant for the ear. It is possible that a bad word will almost put this name in your eyes and you will have to abandon it afterwards. This is annoying - but look at the good side: if they were able to alert you to this name, it is probably better to do it before birth because it is much harder to change afterwards.

5. Every child is called

During the centuries, the same Laszlo and Maria were a popular list Alright, today, the leaderboard changes almost every year. A star can bring popularity, but it can also be a show series or a talent show. The point is that what we often hear makes us look nicer and more attracted to it. No wonder almost every ive has its own his rating column.
There is no bomb-safe recipe to avoid this. You can, of course, check out the different forums for exactly what fashion is - but there is no guarantee that what is still unfamiliar will not be very popular in a few months, and vice versa. One thing to reassure you: Even though the popular name meant that babies to be born were 50 percent cool, today parents are choosing from a much wider range, so legnйpszerыbb do not reach the 10 percent frequency.

6. Does not match the driver's name

Many women decide in their childhood how to call their newborn baby. But sometimes life brings in a strange name for a man with a does not fit your surname the promised first name. Such an exclusive reason could be, for example, if the name is finished with the same pronunciation that the first name begins with, so it is difficult to pronounce it (Sándor Elekes), or the meanings (Imre Cicz, Virzika Cserepes), the leader's name is also a first name (Gbor Gbor), or just the strange sound of the ear and the hand.
In this case we can choose from three options: according to Hungarian law, we can choose mother's surname instead of the name of the father, or the two can be used to create a new surname with a hyphen. But if you don't, forget it. There's something you really can't save.