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Pregnant Mayan - Aligned to One

Pregnant Mayan - Aligned to One

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You have 9 months to prepare for the life-changing change in your baby's blood. Physical, mental tuning can help your little one!

Pregnant women are a great way to stay fit, calm and balanced during your pregnancy, and to be ready for your baby when you're pregnant.

Safer, at home

I was moving all of my pregnancy. I really liked to fall, I felt that the babies also love this unique, floating form of movement. At the same time, I was looking for something else that I could do when I just didn't want to leave home. That's how I got pregnant. The great advantage of having a pregnant mother is that she does not need previous experience in law and can practice the exercises at home. I went to an excursion where they were very kindly welcomed and explained that even if I did not go weekly and only want to play between the walls of my room, I wouldn't have to go out for a while, I liked this free approach and I found myself on the first floor already.

Movement bar customized

I was fascinated by the profession that I was a mixed company, with a wide flat palette, and a "stomach" of pregnant mothers who were pregnant. This was also supported by the words of our instructor: it is recommended to start baby moms from the 13th week of pregnancy and can be done safely until the end of pregnancy. Because the placenta is finally adhered between the 8th and 13th weeks, relaxation, relaxation, and meditation exercises are recommended during the first few weeks, and many relaxations at home are suggested. Everyone in the country was able to progress in its own rhythm; It may have seemed to the outsider that everyone was doing something that we were doing.

Pregnant mammals can be done from week 13 to the end of pregnancy

The yoga's overall effect

By practicing yoga, you can completely eliminate the unpleasant bodily symptoms that cause you to become pregnant. For me, my fine waistline has disappeared, but for my stomach I had yoga, but other maternal problems can be well treated with yoga exercises. Throughout the exercises, we used a special breathing technique, which has a versatile role, the proper exercise of effortless breathing, the simultaneous loosening of the muscles and the loosening of the sounds. Our instructor said, especially with the first child, it is very important that we exercise our minds, . It is very important that yoga practice focuses on the inner processes, so that you are aware of your baby's senses: we begin to understand the changes in our body, our baby's growth. The advantage of yoga is that often the practice you started in the last few months can be very helpful in getting pregnant and getting pregnant.