The paradise of pregnant and baby moms - Here's the BabaMama Expo!

The paradise of pregnant and baby moms - Here's the BabaMama Expo!

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During the baby-baby and baby period, you face a million requests, and the BabaMama Expo aims to help you answer those questions.

BabaMama Expo is here again!

November 18-19-20 200 exhibits, free tips and valuable prizes In Budapest Sports Club. Experienced weavers and pediatricians will answer all your requests, but also have the opportunity to Цrdцg Nуrival, Béres Alexandrбval or Tatár with Star talk about pregnancy and parenting challenges.It will give high priority to baby and toddler organic products, stage performances and in-person counseling. For a varied and healthy diet Tamás Széll йs Mautner Zsufi Cooking shows give you ideas, many of them also asking for food intolerance that affect many people. You can also participate in many exciting programs: At another booth, you can leave a video message to your newborn baby, and the event will feature a special atmosphere, a full-day, free baby photo shoot, and a 4D ultrasound. , your mom can have a couple of minutes on a celebrity photo gallery where she's been completely transformed by professional makeup artists, hairdressers and a stylist.Of course, Expуn can also inspire ideas for baby room furnishings: admire the latest baby furniture trends and get free decorating help. Baby carriages never before seen at the event, which you can try out, include the latest smart gadgets such as smart babies and window-dressing and baby clothes the BabyMama Expo prize pool, which offers valuable gifts, including a 10-year stem cell contract, a kitchen brain robot, and a $ 150,000 worth of baby products. It's also worth signing up for featured on-site programs to make sure you don't miss out on a fashion photo shoot, free kid's advice, or a video chat. for the family.Details and registration on this page.