Where do we go back?

Where do we go back?

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Getting back into the world of work can only be successful if you do not look for it one or two months before your chosen date, but are consciously prepared first.

Where do we go back?

One of the most basic queries is relatively we have to make an early decision: let's try to get back to our original workplace, our previous workplace, or do you see this chapter closed for new opportunities? During my research I interviewed many pregnant women. My experience also confirms the statistics in the February issue that The majority of mothers, if they could, wouldn't change. What kind of sores are there for survival? And what might be the reason for a woman to return to her workplace after "baby" years, but never to return to her previous job? Let's see some moms reviews, and then my ideas on all of them.

Back in the same!

HЫSЙG: The attitude of the business culture, the habits of the leaders and the attitude of the leaders strongly influences the return plans. Those who were exhausted by their abandoned work would often consider it more important in their own post, but at least being able to stay in the company rather than financially. "I didn't even think about another job. "" I definitely want to go back. I liked working there, and during that time I became insane, and the name of the company became golden. "
VISSZAVБRNAK: Getting the Most Out of Insecurity If You Can Succeed to agree on the return. "My superiors have discussed everything. I know you will be back." "I'm a small company, it's just like a family. It didn't even occur to me to go somewhere, and it is natural for the rest of me to work for a while."
KЙNYSZERPБLYA: Mostly those who have made it to the top of the rankings can feel that way, no also really choiceьk. "The only solution is to go back. I can't miss the introduction of the new system." It is also common for a baby to enter the original with a less attractive post. "They offered me another position and added that if I say no, I will die my mortal life because I will not have another chance to return."
EASIER "JБRT ЪT": Many people want to return to their original jobs because they think they can do more easily with "familiar terrainen "." I already know people, the boss mentality, the expectations. I know what I can count on. "Overcoming the first hardships can be easier as well." Colleagues know my situation and even my children. They make me understand and accept more if I am not always 100% or if I have to go first. "
THIS IS THE BUGGAGEA: Unfortunately, it is true that a Being a small child is not too good an offer in the official labor market. There may also be prose reasons for staying in the area: "I have too many handicrafts to find a job." "I have proven it in the old place. It would be very difficult for me to look for a new kid who is returning and to prove it again."

Tips for staying committed

- if possible, be aware of the conditions of return before birth
- let us know as soon as possible about our return plans to our bosses, but to everyone else as well
- Improve your relationship with our bosses and colleagues
- exchange experience with other small child workers
- be present, take every opportunity for a personal meeting
- get more information about the workplace and the workspace
- Regular inquiries about job opportunities and vacancies
- do small home work, even when it comes to heart
- and that sounds strange: update our curriculum vitae and look at the job market: how much do we earn, are we in the profession, know what

I'll change!

BACK Nothing: We may decide for a good reason that we do not want to continue our old work. "I never liked working there." "The job was good to find out: trade is not my world." "I couldn't move on from my old place, so I went on a date among others." "I've been trying to get 'em done during my pregnancy. They've achieved their goal: if they win, they won't go back." "The team has changed since I was home. Nothing's going on there."
I CAN NOT GO BACK: In vain, many people cannot return previous places. It is possible that the company will cease to exist, be liquidated or simply relocate. After the birth of children, many move from family to family. "We got out of town. We like to live here, but if I go back, I'd have to travel three hours a day. Because my brother is coming in and working a lot, it won't work for me."
MBS WORK FORM: Although there is a need, flexible and alternative forms of work are still a rarity. "Unfortunately, we have no help with the kids, so we can only work part-time. This, however, was not" found again "in my old place." "
ЪJ AMBНCIУK: During the time you spend at home, you realize more than ever that you want to do more than ever. "I liked the 'kids' world, I can only visualize my future in my work with kids.' "One of my friends would take me into business. The idea of ​​a frustrated end is becoming more and more appealing." "I started studying with your child. If I graduate, I would like to work in my new profession."
SZEMLЙLETVБLTБSA: The birth of a child is a hurricane, often megvбltoznak about it aspects of the family or the mother. "I want to take my sons' needs into the utmost consideration. Besides, I am not prepared to work daily on a daily basis." "I quit my career. I want a calm, secure, decent job." "I've become an entrepreneur. I can use my knowledge and time more efficiently."

Tips for those planning to change

- Feel free to reassess our needs and opportunities
- articulate our new expectations, especially those that differentiate the form of work or workplace from the previous one
- if we have a good idea, let's see how viable it is, let's think about what it would be like if we got it right, get some construction
- Make new connections, but don't break your old life completely, our acquaintances can still help
- enter the job market, get a job search routine
- Prepare to Respond to a Unexpected Good Opportunity Quickly (for example, add a little to your wake-up call list)
- look after the laws that apply to us to make the change work for us
- look for organizations, foundations, and ask for help, for example, to carry out your business idea or find a suitable - even family friendly - new job.
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