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Don't miss your baby!

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Babysitting is not only a playful, developmental activity for the little ones, it is also a fun family program that can make the relationship between parents and children more intimate.

Old love: the water

Experts have been examining it and parents have been able to experience it: a couple of months old babies have not forgotten the time they spent rocking in their mother's womb. Therefore, even the youngest should consider water a friendly medium: there is hardly any baby who does not like to bathe, enjoy the water, touch it, play with it, paddle it.
The so-called "skin reflex" also works around the middle of the year: newborns reflexively close their noses and close their mouths when immersed in water or when they face. They will avoid swallowing water or collecting water in their breathers. Something moving in the water, floating in the least does not alarm them, on the contrary: apparently Enjoying this fetal acquaintance, new look.

Positive effects

Revitalization opens up new areas for babies to work on, develop, and earn a living. You are not here to teach the classical sense, or to educate future champions.
The goal is primarily to get used to play water and to provide parents with a full-fledged relationship with the baby, which makes the parent-child relationship even more intimate and intimate. In addition, healthy babies have a wide range of benefits for the development of infants, and for the suckling little ones of the childbirth, the professionally accomplished baby care is straightforward. Movement in the water contributes to the development of the baby's balance, sensory organs and locomotor function, and is generally beneficial to his or her health.
Families taking part in the baby report that the small better sleep, better sleep, more resistant to disease, as they went to work, and became more balanced, friendly, and relaxed.

Baby care is a super treat for both baby and mom

Water gives the child three-dimensional space to move around, discovering the body, its possibilities, new sensory and physical functions, and a variety of situations. These occupations can also be the first steps in community education as they meet with their peers and practice some form of integration with their parents.

Securing a parent story

Baby care experts agree that there is a lot to do with the parent or baby (there are both where they can participate in the space), because they or those who deal with the baby constantly, have good eye contact. What the parent does is the baby will do: It is important for the parent to trust the supervisor, smiling, cool, radiating safety with the baby.
Give him the power of gentle touch, of body, of gentle, kind communication. (Here's a little play on the elderly parenting dilemma: you need to "hold on" at the same time, and give you the livelihood, the special features, and the "let go" of your child at the right time.) it is unnecessary and inconvenient to compare it with the other. Do not force anything: wait patiently until the baby reaches the next step, be it immersed in the water, floating, moving in the water, anything.


Naturally, the hygiene standards of swimming pools that allow baby bathing are, of course, stricter than usual. The water in the pool is cleaned with state-of-the-art water circulation equipment, UV-deactivated or non-allergenic non-allergenic cleaners. it is regularly checked by the BNTSZ. Continuous assurance of water quality is essential, but participants must actively contribute to maintaining it.
Only healthy children and parents can participate in the city and must have an up-to-date medical certificate. Before the show, showering is a natural requirement. Specially designed for infants and toddlers who are not clean at this age, they are specially designed for water activities. Soupelenkбt, respectively Wear panties. They are designed to prevent urine or faeces from getting into the water, and to prevent a little bit from getting infected. The pool is only used for this purpose during the day of baby boots, the temperature of the water usually ranges between 28-32 degrees.
The lower age limit in Hungary is three months old (in America it is possible to carry six-week-old babies). The sessions start with muscle relaxed massage and last for 30-45 minutes. Afterwards, there is also the most important place for small family or group games, paddling, parent exchange, friendly chat, warm-up sauna.
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