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Let's play with the little kids

Let's play with the little kids

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It's easy to woo the baby, but as our baby changes, we get a bit embarrassed to play with it. What should we do? How do we do it?

One of the most important things about having fun with young children is how we feel about it

One of the most important things about having a little kid is how we feel about it. If we are liberated too, the little one will play happily, but if we are nervous, he will soon notice and he will not be happy to continue. However, there are many well-known and popular games that are easy for us and no problem for us either.

Motion-based games

There are plenty of songs, say poems that look like a we can ride it on the market, we can rock our baby. There is no need to learn new rhythms, as long as we remember the well-known sayings of our childhood: Gyin paci, horseshoe, Höc-hцc soldier, you should go to Debrecen ... If you are a calm, slow kid, you should not try to exclude it with very fast, dynamic motion motions, as you may not feel comfortable.


One of the most popular games for children is the job if we're hiding somethingand he has to find it. At a young age, it is enough to play a simple variation: hide a game under the small eye and ask it to help us look for it. He will really like the way we find it, and we are surprised that it is really there under your blanket. Just a little will be very popular "Peekaboo!" jбtйkwhen we hide our face in our hands and suddenly slap our palms and smile at the baby. We can play this game for a couple of months!

Tickling games

The little ones love the games that go with our skin is in contact with us. Unshaven dads are preferred because kids enjoy it when their father's "hairy" face is applied to their face or to their tummy tummy or toe. They will really like the classic play of our childhood that we play with our fingers: It's gone hunting for it ... But of course we can use other sayings as well, we can invent rhythmic verses ourselves.

Get it now!

Almost all children enjoy the labdбzбst. Of course, at such a young age, the ball-bearers are not yet well developed, but they are slow enough to catch a rolled-up ball. Let's get down to each other and gently launch the ball. You might pick it up and want to give it back, you might start examining it, but after a while you realize that the nature of the game is to roll it back and forth and throw it at each other. The essence here is patience.


It is part of the baby's learning process to hear children's proverbs, songs. It is best for us to sing it for ourselves, but of course the children's songs and sayings on the cd can also help us. The little ones enjoy the rhythmic melody, the music and the rhymes. The singers get to know the world more easily and they also help with speech development these are the songs.Related articles in this article:
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