Mom, itch! - Childhood eczema

Mom, itch! - Childhood eczema

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The baby is affected by 10-15 percent of eczema. However, the symptoms of the skin disorder can be treated.

Mom, itch! - Childhood eczema

"My little son is his birth atypical eczema, to such an extent that many times your hands are split, bleeding and filled with red spots. We eat all night long, we hardly sleep, we exhausted everything, "says a desperate mom on the forum, searching for a solution. then the party, breeze is effectively cracking. A good night's sleep during bedtime - without proper treatment - can be a form of goodbye, and anxious parents can go from being a natural to a wonder soap to a little less. atуpiбs ekcémбrуl beszйlьnk. Infants on the face, hair on the scalp, on the bottom (especially where it comes in contact with the diaper), and in childhood primarily on the bends, neck, hands, the lower part of the bodyr. Mátra Boros-Gyevi Skin Cosmetic Spray, who names family stacking as the primary cause. "Most likely, babies are likely to show symptoms when their parents have something atopic diseaselike eczema, asthma, and pollen allergy. If both the father and the mother are affected, the child can have up to 75 percent of the risk of one of these diseases, including eczema in the infant. " , this can be confirmed by a simple blood test (specific IgE), but parents can also observe what foods are consumed by skin complaints. йteleket - calms the doktornх.A kнnlуdбst, vйgelбthatatlan vakarуzбst (sхt iskolбskorban akбr disturbance in attention) hozу tьneteket also kivбlthatjбk kьlsх tйnyezхk: elsхsorban the kйzmosуszappan the tusfьrdх йs the fьrdхhab used to be the fхbыnцs but tйlen akбr cold levegх can cause ekcйmбt the babбk face and hands. Because the hair The air is much drier and the concentration of dust in the home is much higher in this season, and dermatitis is more common, but the sun generally improves during the summer.

Home treatment

"The first and most important is the right one body care, hydration. For this we recommend the most fragrance and preservative free formulations. They can be simple formulations blended in a pharmacy, but many cosmetics are also available for proper care. After bathing, it is worth applying on wet skin "- explains our request for a leather boot. It does not matter how much you bathe a little. mosdуkenхcsцt they usually offer you a cheap and effective solution, but if it does not live up to your expectations, they are so oily ink, bath oilswhich are much more comfortable to use. Bathing is key - as far as length and bath water temperature are concerned. Keep the procedure shorter as the hard, hot water can continue to dry the skin. Instead of glowing, end up just soaking up the moisture from your baby's skin! And if you have water: When it comes to baby bathing and bathing, it is very important that you immediately wash off the chlorine pool water from your children and then lubricate them immediately with body polish.

If only a doctor can help

Many mothers find that the listed precautions and cosmetics do not work, so they should consult a pediatrician or a skin care specialist. For the treatment of severe childhood eczema, the first choice to date is the use of steroid creams, which can only be obtained with a prescription. There are numerous myths about these, despite the fact that tannins are always soothing and, when applied properly, have almost no side effects (you can lighten or tan the skin at the time of application, but in return, get a quick fix). Parents recommend a type of cream for the child, we definitely accept the decision. Parents can cause much more trouble if they do not remove the cream due to steroid phobia and the symptoms become more severe and even more so that " warns the specialist. Slightly more expensive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams, so-called calcineurin inhibitors, which have no side effects similar to steroid creams. They should either be used during symptoms or reserved for treatment twice a week to prevent eczema from developing. In severe cases and in cases of more severe pruritus, antihistamine drops and syrups may be administered. They can also effectively reduce itching, due in part to their soothing effects, but since they can cause occasional blur or distraction, it is better to give them in the evening.

They look to you

Childhood eczema is about three years old with most children, and many times it goes out. In the majority of cases, the symptoms persist in mild to moderate eczema after five years of age and occur only in adulthood, with a mild to moderate eczema. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, the disease is not curable, but with the care and diligence of a parent, and with the assistance of a doctor, complaints can be sustained even at a young age.
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