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The era of baby destruction

The era of baby destruction

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Babies' destructive play may seem to be an activity that can only be used to annoy their parents - but it is worth thinking about it.

The era of baby destructionBabies usually begin to perceive that their actions may have an effect on objects around them when they are 4-8 months old. Mostly they discover this: for example, their hands engage in a game that begins to close - which is a fascinating phenomenon for their number, and again and again, and quite a bit more. This is where you start to get your food craving, crush playgrounds, tear up sheets of paper, or disassemble anything you like. It's important to note that beans they do not make a difference between construction and demolition (or do not grasp these concepts), but they do nothing at first, and with their actions they learn without pause the world they were born into.

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Between the ages of 8 and 12 months, however, they are doing things more and more with a set goal: that is, they are able to predict the outcome of their actions, but at least they are counting on some sort of result. In this process, destructive games, which are first and foremost important, they increase the baby's confidence: It's a lot harder to build, so it's a far more difficult task for them, but the success of the demolition is just as important as it means that we can bring their plans to fruition.Mindekцzben and йrtenek alapvetх physical tйnyeket the tбrgyak sъlyбrуl, бllagбrуl, szakнtуszilбrdsбgбrуl the gravitбciу erejйrхl or cause and effect йs felйpнtьnk them цsszefьggйseirхl.Ha pйldбul йpнtхkockбkbуl a tower, which was destroyed at a mind aztбn, you can thoroughly hбrom йrzйkьket igйnybe vesszьk: lбtбsukat ( the color of the cubes), their palpation (the sensation of the cubes) and their hearing (the noise of the lumbering tower). But other destructive games almost always develop more abilities at the same time. For example, dropping boxes full of toys (or anything else) can cause you to understand more about what you need to know. egyesйvel taken out abuses the jбtйkokat the helyьkrхl) .The egybeйpнtett jбtйkok szйtszedйse addition to fine motor kйpessйgek the problйmamegoldбsi kйszsйgьket, mнg the bнbelхdйs baby puzzle цk elements develops eye-kйz koordinбciуt, the jбtйkok or йtel etetхszйkbхl koordinбlt lehajigбlбsa kцzben and szintйn bхvьlhet a lot of their knowledge of objectivity (they understand, for example, that they are underneath them even if they do not look there for a few seconds). And if the baby's older sibling or ourselves talk about the games (we learn, they ruin), we can also learn the basics of co-operation. we are looking for their natural curiosity, Йs egyьtt kнsйrletezьnk him: feldцnthetjьk pйldбul puhбbb a tower, quieter felьleten (szхnyegen) йs some kemйnyebb, noisier padlуn is that the йrzйkelhesse kьlцnbsйget.Mбsfйl йves tбjбn when the process rombolбsi intenzнvebbй vбlhat, because then you have already szembeбllнtjбk children in their will miйnkkel - destructive toys are a good way to freely and securely enforce their will, which is just as common in babies' everyday lives, where they are almost constantly regulated, and there are few occasions.Don't react negatively for a week the destruction of dolls - let your child know that you can do it (within the framework of course: that is, the blossom of a water or a glass of water, of course, does not fit in well). This is what you do complex emotions are motivatedand it's not good for these to be wrapped by babies. However, destruction can be confined to a corner of the apartment: if you select a space for it, your child will be ruthless, cheerful with his toys, and we will not annoy (so) to show him what to do - if we lose part in the games, laugh at the results, or just keep an eye on him, then we've made progress.Related articles on Child Development:
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