Do you really need to rotate your baby's head to have a beautiful skull?

Do you really need to rotate your baby's head to have a beautiful skull?

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The baby's head can easily deform under its own weight. But can this cause a problem with the overall shape of the head?

Do you really need to rotate your baby's head to have a beautiful skull? (photo: iStock)Infants spend a great deal of time after birth in their baby's crib, on a level ground where, as recommended, most of them lie on their backs. Many parents are overwhelmed with the idea that this may affect their tiny head shape, which can result in their flattening later on.
If the baby starts to spin on time, and the mother is careful to put the little ones in multiple positions, then this problem will not arise.

But how do we position the baby?

It is important that it is not the rotation of the head that can help in this case. Rather, the baby should be properly positioned so that the head is not always turned to the same side. As the baby grows, she becomes more curious and eager to look at the subject, turning her head to the point where the stimuli come from. However, if you look at an office for a long time, it can also influence the shape of your head. The expert advises parents to change your little body weekly in the head so that the head can turn over to the other side. In addition, let's take time to have your baby on the stomach during the day, especially during active, waking periods. Because skulls that are completely symmetrically backward are typically made up of babies who, unfortunately, lie too much on their backs, I learned about them. And since the baby is protesting against the uncomfortable posture, the parent does not force this position, which is not good practice. Many new tricks, practices, techniques help the little ones get used to this new situation. Of course, in this case consult a specialist!
These children also use it for therapy purposes, such as big-ball exercises. They help them out in more positions that are exciting, enjoyable, and developer-friendly in their own way. From the point of view of hips development, we would recommend the side-lying only for a short time for the smallest baby.

When will the child's head shape become final?

According to the expert, it is difficult to determine the exact date in this regard, because it depends primarily on the child's development, how long this form, the skull's development takes. The closure of the well itself can be very different from that of children. You can't tell when it will close. We now know that the skull also "breathes", making minimal movement in the life cycle of the liquor circulation. (Craniosacral therapy) However, if a parent experiences a deformity, he or she should consult a doctor.
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