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6 tips for morning sickness

6 tips for morning sickness

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Eighty percent of women are affected by morning sickness with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, which in some cases can endanger the fetus.

6 tips for morning sickness (photo: Europress)

Many mothers survive the morning sickness, but only a few feel really serious. Regular, extreme morning sickness, and possible dryness, may result in the baby not being given enough nutrition. That's why the heavy pregnancy fat (hyperemesis) is definitely a medical task. Females are able to determine by examinations whether the fetus is developing properly and, if necessary, suggesting antispasmodics, or which may be more effective in preventing infections. dr. Demjén Lszszlou, the Oxygen Women 's Councils.

1. Tongue rest

Having a good and adequate quality of sleep can help a lot. If this is a problem, it is worth trying out the eye mask, maternity pillows, bedtime before going to bed, and relaxing in the south. After getting up, it is advisable to avoid sudden movements and to slowly and gradually emerge from the bed.

2. Suitable meals and portions

During pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid junk food, too much spicy, and too much caffeine. However, the baby's stomach should never be completely empty, as the accumulation of stomach acid can increase the bowel movement. A little succulent or sweet biscuit immediately after waking up can prevent the nausea that you ate for breakfast high potassium fruits (rape, tomato, melon) as well. For dinner, he recommended eating white-rich snacks, which helped control glucose levels.

3. Preliminary fluid

Many mothers don't feel thirsty, just because of the sick. However, the 8 glasses of water a day are especially recommended for them, since the more dehydrated they are, the greater the risk of nausea. It may be useful to mix some apple cider vinegar and honey in the water, or suck ice cubes if we can't drink.

4. Careful use of monitors

Few people know about it, but the vibration of the computer monitor can cause morning sickness. If the suspicion is confirmed, it is advisable for small children to avoid monitor use, or, if this is not the case, to change the font size and background, and to change the background to fewer vibrant colors.

5. Mint and fresh scents

Cold cold yew or a slice of lukewarm water, soaked in tea, can reduce nausea. For anyone who loves it, you can crunch crispy biscuits. However, strong fragrances should be treated with caution, or perfumes or unpleasant odors can enhance the nourishment. If that happens, go for fresh air or smell lemon or rosemary.

6. Suitable vitamins and minerals

Few babies cause nausea due to the presence of iron supplements or multivitamins. This should be discussed with women as well as with all diets used during pregnancy, vitamin supplements.
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