Lapping like a honeybee

Lapping like a honeybee

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Babies often begin to become familiar with the stairs as they climb, trying to climb up to them, just like the furniture. And once you've learned the wheel, you're definitely interested in climbing the top of the stairs.

Lapping like a honeybee

12-18pm: With the help of a stepping stone

During this period, the little ones it flies more uncertainlyso if you want to go up the stairs you need to help him. Grab both of your hands and slowly whip it up the ladder. In the beginning, it will probably look like we raise one step over the other, but over time one foot will make the individual step by step, and we will be able to help the other. Soon the balance will get better, and if we feel smarter, we may try to let go of our hands - if we shake, we can get it.

18 Thu - 2 Év: Grabbing the rocks

During this period, the little one learns how to hand two to the barrier or to the wall clinging how to climb the ladder alone so that you can climb the entire ladder slowly, one at a time. You can only slowly climb the stairs until the age of 2, and you dare not let go of the barrier or the wall - during this time you still need extra attention, so if you need help with the stairs.

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2-3 yrs: easier to flip up than down

The little kid at this age you can climb down like thatwhether you hold the wall with only one hand or on the bar, and occasionally release it. You may notice that the upward climbing is much smoother, and you can take the steps at an ever faster pace. However, stepping down is still a deliberately slow process, carefully descending from one step back to the other. Confirm that you are doing this well, you do not have to worry about being slow: tell him it is safe and keep going at that pace. From the age of 3, you will notice that he is up and running with a change of foot.

Step by step with changed legs

Until the end of Year 3, the little one will surely go up slowly with the change of foot, but it may even be really only 5 years old. Until you feel that you are stepping on it with complete confidence, do not leave it alone, let it be safe.

Appropriate safety precautions

Learning to climb is a long process that has many different stages. It is very important that we do the appropriate safety measuressuch as the installation of gates or other interlocks to prevent the child from stepping down without supervision. Unless you are confident, let's go for the little one or go up the stairs. Make sure that the ladder rail does not swing and is mounted at a height that is comfortable for the child. If you are climbing the ladder with you, do not carry heavy objects on the ladder: for example, when picking up, bring the baby home first and pack the luggage only afterwards.Related articles on Child Development:
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