Do not undergo multiple fetal screening without preeclampsia screening!

Do not undergo multiple fetal screening without preeclampsia screening!

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Preeclampsia is a dangerous form of the disease and can have serious consequences for the mother and the baby.

Do not undergo multiple fetal screening without preeclampsia screening!

“The preeclampsia one Dangerous and common, which can have serious consequences for both the mother and the fetus. At the Fetal Medicine Foundation Summer Science Congress, we presented the latest study that has shown that aspirin therapy reduces the risk of developing preeclampsia. Due to the frequency of the occurrence of preeclampsia, the serious consequences and the therapeutic potential based on the evidence now available, we have carried out a medical examination for the first trimester screening. " Center audited ultrasound specialist.

What does preeclampsia mean?

Preeclampsia is also referred to as Pregnancy Poisoning and Pregnancy Toxicity, and is now accepted as a term. You can get pregnant after the 20th week of pregnancy, most times without any history. It does not know exactly what and when it develops. The curry total pregnancies occur in 2-5%, and if it occurs before the 34th week of pregnancy (0.3-0.5%), severe and persistent maternal and fetal consequences can occur.Tьnetek
- Sudden onset of high blood pressure (over 140/90 mmHg)
- White urine

Why doesn't it matter when it comes out?

If severe preeclampsia develops, the remedy is for childbirth. When a child is born, preeclampsia ceases, but it does not matter when it occurs. If the condition occurs before the 34th week of pregnancy, the newborn comes to life with newborns, which causes many fetal problems, failure to grow, development of a state of hypoxia, premature labor. If severe preeclampsia develops, there are serious dangers to the mother, including kidney failure, stroke, and ringworm.

How to filter?

The risk of developing preeclampsia can be detected by a modern method with 90 percent detection at Week 12 of pregnancy. Based on a recommendation from the Fetal Medicine Foundation filtration is the measurement of maternal blood pressure on both arms, arterial uterine flow, and fetal white blood concentration. In addition, the mother's general medical history and body weight should also be taken into account.

Its development can be prevented

"If there is a high level of risk in screening, recent, well-established research has shown that 150 mg aspirin daily the risk of developing preeclampsia, ie, before the 34th week, can be reduced by 80%. It is available without prescription and can be used safely during pregnancy. Aspirin was first extracted from a fir tree, a famous Greek doctor, Hippokratйsz and he used it, "said Dr. Gyula Csermely Ph.D.
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