Our first trip home

Our first trip home

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Most babies make their first move by car - from birth to home. Get ready, don't face the church that it's not that simple.

Our first trip home

You will lose your kid in this great life!

Dad looks confused with his handful of children in the hallway, right and left. What happens when you put this tiny buttonhole in this huge shell? (Let's say it didn't look that big so far ...) Our first tip is to keep it going. Put the baby in and tighten the seat belt. Mostly at the bottom of the seat, the adjustable ear is found in the middle. You can also use a leaning pad for the smallest, which prevents the baby's head from rolling back and forth. Use only the letter that is designed for that particular seat!

Can we help with a ride?

In the midst of the confusion described above, the fresh dad's head must surely be better served by transporting this child lying down rather than having to shake it. If you insist: maybe. There are special honeymoon baskets with an internal safety belt that are accepted by the Hungarian Highway Code. These should be backed tightly with the car's own safety belt. It is essential that the device conforms to the ECE R44 or I-size standard. In addition szeretnйnk reassure everyone that the kisbabбk very much like to цsszegцmbцlyцdni, semmifйle kбrosodбs not йri the ъjszьlцttet if I autуsьlйsben.Az jуl kцrbetбmasztva ьldцgйl the size of gyerekьlйsekre vonatkozу New Account eurуpai szabбlyozбs 2013 lйpett йletbe йs the currently йrvйnyben lйvх R44 normбval in parallel, it will be phased in over the next ten years. That is, there is no need to replace the existing ones. The I-size (or also known as R129) standard is a new not by weight, but by the height of the child and this should be clearly stated on the car rides. I-size's other new rule is that children Up to 15 months in the direction of a week must be wired. By the R44 standard, this limit is 9 kg, which can be reached by a baby from months to half. In addition, I-size requires a one-sided dynamic mesh test from the childrens factory, so I-size-certified toddlers can be sure to have a better fit.
  • Babies up to 15 months of age must be transported within a week. Therefore, parents should be careful not to turn the child in the same direction as the direction of travel, and the size of the new I-size children will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The use of the Isofix system for children: this method of fixing minimizes the risk of improper recording.
  • A side-scrolling test for children will be a must, so the new I-size rides are safer for side-scrolling.
  • With a child-specific grade, parents will be able to choose the right size childrens.
  • Require new cars and new car compatibility for compatibility.
  • How do I put the baby in a fur coat?

    In car use, you can only use a bag that has a seat in place for the safety belt to pass through. If it is cold and your baby is so stuffed with the overalls, give it a thinner, warm clothes and a baby wrap that you can put on your bed.

    You are getting the car you are attached to!

    Has it grown? You have to slowly think about getting back on your way. But you don't have to rush! If you don't have any rear-mounted seats, simply load the baby by bending the leg up. Because the leg is easy to bend, it is almost never the case that a baby is tied up.