Speech development stages 1-3 years

Speech development stages 1-3 years

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Babies, toddlers' speech develops a great deal until they reach 3 years of age, before they first move into a larger community. During this period, both Szumani and grammar are undergoing great development.

The supply is becoming more and more volatile

Babies are 18-month-olds in leapfrog development: nouns continue to dominate in short supply, as do 1-year-olds, but more verbs and other seasons are also active. - At the same time, the babies begin to connect the words with two word conversations, but without any suffixes - for example, "Dad lets Dad go to work. The child's talk is also developing a lot at this time, and then the acquisition of the extensions begins: in the case of Hungarian children, this means the extensions related to the subject matter and the local ownership - we knew József Fruzsina Children over the age of 2 are expected to have 50-70 lbs, and that is what it takes to start grammar development: however, this is a low limit, with most children having much more time at this time. - Even at age 1.5, the child will rely on more keywords than global understanding, from age 2 onwards, rules will become more prevalent, and at age 3, grammar will go a long way. Children's grammar education is continuous until school, because there are some plugins that are very rare and only get added to the language system, but most of the process takes place between the ages of 3 and 6 - the expert explained.How do small speech develop?

The parents can help a lot

For children aged 1-3, learning how to interact with their parents is very important, as they used to be: sharing common games, sharing experiences, taking on more roles, The practitioner advises us to talk, talk, talk, sing, play games with the tongue, and talk to the child a lot.

If you have a lack of water

The speech therapist was also asked, what problems can occur in speech development for so long that you need to pay attention to your baby. According to him, this may be the case when at the age of 2 a critical 50-70 word deafness is missing, which prevents grammar from starting to develop: in this case, we ask for advice from the regionally competent Pedagogical Service.
- If you do not develop your sentence speech by 3 years old, you still need to do so. From September 2017, language screening for children up to three years of age in kindergarten is also mandatory, which, in association with the parent, provides a comprehensive picture of the child's language status. In such cases, parents need counseling and children who have language difficulties need help with speech therapy, added Fruzsina Jozsa, who works in the field of speech therapy and family cooperation.

Huge overall development

Fodor Tnmea From speech therapy, we have learned that the baby develops speech at a rate as high as 12-18 months. - By the end of Year 2, the child will write simple sentences and be able to say about 200 words. And at 4 years of age, speech and language development reaches a level where he can express himself intelligibly, meaninglessly, and spontaneously utter the most important sounds, as well as meaningful, complex phrases, said the specialist.
Getting a child involved usually occurs between the ages of two and three, when besides the growth of the prank, the conjunctions and the sentences are characteristic. In Kindergartens with KOFA Screening for Children 3 and Under we can also filter out if the speech is incomprehensible due to some problem. - This can be the case, for example, when a child's shit is rattling - parents and grandparents here are mostly suggesting that the toddler does not clearly pronounce spoken words, z, c and / or s, js, cs, r. This is a problem with pronunciation and / or speech perception, which is called professionally by speech therapists for articulation disorder, and which is needed to correct articulation therapy - Fodor Tnmea explained.

The ubiquitous madness

The expert said there were parents who said that good-talking children started talking "shit" in kindergarten. However, the reason for this is not a common parental assumption that there are many speech impaired children in the ovis group from whom these children have learned the wrong thing. - In the background, this is more of a problem of captivity: because the teeth have fallen out and the sounds have become slightly distorted, this is a natural process. However, if there is no detention, it is worthwhile to go on hearing, speaking. Of course, it can also be said that such a spoken child can imitate the speech of his / her spouse, but it is not a case of speech infectiousness, it is not possible to learn, and there is a persistent speech defect.

What is Halandabay?

We know from experts that parents are also more likely to contact him for so-called gangbang. - Everyone has a cute story about how to name certain things in their childhood (like pancakes, etc.), but that's not the point. Halandab is an invaluable speech that is hardly suitable for communication, only his tune kept. for this may have hearing loss or speech recognition in the backgroundTherefore, it is worth contacting a specialist if the gossip is a lot of talk even at the age of 4 - warned Fodor Tnmea.According to speech therapist, there is a problem:
  • if the child does not start speaking at 18 months,
  • if you are poorly communicating with your environment by the age of 2, using an average of 10 computers,
  • if you speak difficult to understand by age 3, you make a lot of grammatical mistakes,
  • if he speaks very sickly at 5 years old,
  • if you interrupt your speech frequently and do it in grays,
  • if he speaks too quickly and bites the end of words, skips the end of sentences,
  • if your voice goes away and / or your hoarseness is up for 3 weeks,
  • if he speaks nasally,
  • in older children, if during or after the mutation (13-15 years) the voice of the boys is too high, in females compared to the pre-mutation sound,
  • and also the larger ones, if there is meaningful prolonged reading and writing difficulty.
If you experience this kind of problem with your child, between 0 and 3 years of age at the District Vocational College and Early Development Center, and between 3 and 18 years of age in the District Vocational Training Department.It is also interesting to read:
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