Opinion of Baby Pro and ContrastMilla Csilla and Katalin Lakatos

Opinion of Baby Pro and ContrastMilla Csilla and Katalin Lakatos

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Baby and mom need a program! It doesn't matter if you are a developer and entertainer at the same time. Is the baby just like that? Although there are more and more options to choose from throughout the country, the opinion of professionals varies.

Baby Pro and v

Diving is not important!

Csilla Mattesz, President of the Wisdom Association: - Twenty years ago I deal with baby binge and I find that children really love being underwater! Some people say that they should not keep this reflex - I say they should not take it away! I originally studied the Mattes method in Russia and later developed it after the birth of my own daughter. I experience that there is no better medium on the water for a healthy and cramped baby for development. To date, there is a lot of misunderstanding about baby shedding. No wonder, because the name is bad already. We do we do not teach spring the children. I don't push anyone under water, I don't throw it in the water. We are the parents and the kids are in the pool together, we say poems, sayings, and everyone has a good time. That's why we make sure we have up to six babies in the class at the same time. So, diving is not difficult, as I speak in the baby's language and I see when they are ready for the task. When I say, "Exercise, let's go!", After a few moments, most people understand what they have to do. There is a baby who loves to smile when he emerges from the water and the little ones are surprised. But sooner or later, everyone is happy to lick it above and below the water. In the first two years, the child is in the water with the parents. Then, those who have been on the go can start working as a builder at the age of three. For an average three-year-old, this would be premature, but for someone who is used to watching in the water, it does not cause distress.

The kids have no use for it!

Katalin Lakatos, pediatrician, chairman of the Budapest Hydrotherapeutic Rehabilitation Gymnastics Foundation:
- I'm dealing with twenty-one years crippled kids with development. In recent years, I meet regularly with people who have been upset in the past, and I find it very difficult to keep up with our groups. with this akadбlyozzбk this ancient reflex has come to a halt, though it should have died by itself at three and six months. Keeping the reflex alive also disrupts the functioning of other areas under the brain, preventing the development of higher level activities. Nervous system disorders are important in just a few areas below the cortex. This area is particularly important because it balances the balance, the muscle tone canine ") and learning how to choose between two and six months of age from every kid in the nervous system. In developmental textbooks, there is a big warning there: you should not remove this elementary movement test two months before you do it, as it can can cause damage. Then, why would this be another movement in the water? We, movement developers, and pediatricians, do not build any ancient reflexes in our work, because we know it is worthwhile if we continue to experience it. It makes money for educators, fun for parents. But I think the kids have no use for it.
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