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Pronounced injury

Pronounced injury

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The baby should have a rounded tip or a special nail clip for the purpose of nail removal. If you entertain the little one with the syllabus, it will be easier to bear the unusual procedure.

Playful injury

The tip of a manicure roller could touch the finger of an excited-moving little kid. Generally, once a week, after the evening bath, we should line up for the ceremony. Let's do some trick-and-treating, say goodbye to the correct sayings (Hуc, hуc, soldier, Lulga's foot), then divert your attention (Cspp, cspkú, ll.) the worms. The following sentences also help in this:Thumb apple apple tree,
my finger pointed at him.
My middle finger picked up,
gyûrыsujjam took it home,
my little finger ate it all,
his stomach faded.
The other hand:It went hunting,
it caught him
this took her home,
it baked it,
this little tummy ate it all.
To avoid being boring, here's a third saying:Small stone thumb gate,
beside the show,
bayonet, long bows,
next to him is his infant son, the ultimate reward at the end,
small Flуra (to be replaced here by the name of the child) on his hands.
And if three proverbial times are not enough, learn Vбrfalvy Emхke nice verse:Pб-pб baci-banya,
this is not a baci farm,
we cut off your tent roof,
just go home nice!
Dirty or ugly,
the cumin is gone,
you hide you old naughty,
but who's crazy!
I'm not afraid anymore,
now you will have
you are not telling me this,
nothing sick!
If your child is not paying attention to the sentence and is strongly protesting against it, wait until you are afraid.These can also come in handy:
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