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Preterms: Babies who arrive prematurely

Preterms: Babies who arrive prematurely

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One of the biggest fears of having a baby while pregnant and having a baby is to arrive prematurely and the weeks after birth to worry about the health of the baby. When was a baby premature and other than the children born at the right time?

Premature babies are deafer

What other than having children born at the right time? It is up to each parent to have a healthy baby at the right time, but according to statistics In Hungary, 8-10 percent of live births give birth to premature babiesHowever, there are families where the baby arrives prematurely and, due to its condition, takes weeks or even months to return home. Pregnant children and anxious parents may be struggling during the first few weeks because the baby's physical condition and development is not ready for proper health as soon as they can go home and be healthy, life-threatening little kids. But who are we to call premature? In the case of babies born before the 36th week of pregnancy, professionals use this term. Pregnant babies usually weigh less than 2500 grams, but the World Health Organization classifies babies under the following categories: babies under 1500 grams and babies under 1000 grams Extremely low weight born Many premature babies are born just a few weeks before the age of 40, but of course there are some who come to life prematurely. Children usually have little weight at birth, lungs do not have enough time to fully develop, and the respiratory part of the brain does not function too well, so it is important to pay attention to the little one. So is it failure of brain development due to the throat and the movement of the mouth, so they may have problems with the baby when breastfeeding and swallowing. .Babies born prematurely are not able to maintain adequate blood sugar, so small amounts, but frequent feeding or intravenous sugar infections can help their numbers. Body temperature can also have problems with regulation, it cools down quickly because it has a large body surface area relative to its tiny weight. Their functioning is also inadequate, and the likelihood of their occurrence is greater. Vйrzйkenysйgre more inclined to maintain ezйrt бll koraszьlцttek esetйben the agyvйrzйs veszйlye is.A baby idхvel ledolgozhatja the szьletйskori hбtrбnyбt йs kortбrsaihoz hasonlу egйszsйges children will belхle, but taking into account the szьletйskori kцrьlmйnyeket йs also that the children hasonlу korъ valу цsszehasonlнtбs not always szerencsйs . Pay attention to the child's signs and, if in doubt, consult a physician.
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