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Gauge: what you need to know about roula?

Gauge: what you need to know about roula?

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A large proportion of women expecting a baby say they are more afraid of a possible cut than a baby itself. What is worth knowing about the intervention?

Gauge: what you need to know about roula?

Gauge is relatively often used the doctors who are giving birth are supposed to prevent the mother from blocking the fracture because it is more difficult to heal than to have a baby. Or, when appropriate, it helps the baby to become lighter. A few inches of incision should be made between the vagina and the crown. The end of the baby's head should be before it is expelled, and then sew it immediately after birth, locally in the birth room. Nowadays, in most cases, there are absorbed stitches, so no further stitching is required.

In what cases is an incision made?

  • if your baby or doctor thinks that the baby needs more space to exit the vagina
  • if a rupture can be expected on our dykes to prevent cracking
  • if the baby is stuck in line 5
  • if the baby is moving out of the vagina so fast that the dam has not had time to prepare for relaxation or relaxation
  • if your baby's heart indicates that you are in trouble and you should help out first
  • if the baby is in an abnormal position at the time of birth

What can we do to speed up healing?

Because the body is located at a very sensitive point in the body, it is really important to look after the treatment so as not to fertхzйsveszйly develop. The following few simple strategies can help prevent or reduce the risk of infection and protect yourself from suffering.1. If you feel intolerable pain after sewing, seek medical advice fбjdalomcsillapнtуt. It will definitely mean something that you can take while breastfeeding, without helping the baby. Tegyьnk ice let's go and relax! However, make sure that you do not keep it cold for 15 minutes.3. Hasznбljunk pбrnбt, specifically for this purpose, and when trying to sit down, try to squeeze our butt, reducing the pressure on it and relieving pain. Also avoid sudden movements 4. Vegyьnk ьlхfьrdхt, the colder water reduces the pain, while the warmer it increases the circulation, so we will feel better.5. Especially the first peeing will not be very pleasant at this time shit pain Feeling can be absolutely normal. Be sure to clean the surface with water afterwards to prevent bacterial contamination.6. Keep the barrier clean with a clean clean cloth at the time of prolapse to protect the wound from rupture and pain due to high strain. Be sure to change the cartridge again afterwards! Since constipation is very uncomfortable during this period of healing, we should try to prevent it. Let's drink a lot and eat fiber-rich foods for the sake of a lighter diet. Do not forget about exercise, but consult your doctor about what exercises to do. The healing time can be reduced by taking great care in hygiene. Wash the dam's milk several times a day, carefully backwards from the front. That's what we're doing Kegel exercises And when you're at home, don't wear white, leave the seam to vent. And the purity pad is replaced with at least two urns. Ask your doctor about household life and tampon use. So if you follow them, believe me, you will surely have a shorter recovery time and more tolerable healing!

Can a cut be prevented?

In the event that you are overly excited and have doubts about breast surgery, you should definitely mention it to your mother or nurse when discussing your birth plan. If you would like to avoid it, please feel free to indicate this, but what can I do to reduce the chance of a cut?
  • You benefit from performing Kegel exercises during pregnancy
  • daily dermatological massage in the last trimester, specially designed for this purpose, prepares the bar for swallowing
  • it relaxes the barrage at the level of warm water during buttering, and stretches the tissues with the use of oil - it has evenly lathering effect during birth and gives flexibility.
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