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Some bacteria alleviate food allergy symptoms

Some bacteria alleviate food allergy symptoms

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Bacteria can be a solution for people with a number of food allergies. How do they help?

Food allergies are also common in children

Whites from a particular probiotic strain have been researched to help reduce allergic symptoms, whether from stomach upset, diarrhea or puffiness.
For those struggling with food allergies, even a single bite of innocent delicacy can cause widespread fatigue, sometimes painful. Some people have exacerbations, others have vomiting, diarrhea, but also stomach and bloating are common. Some people experience such terrible symptoms that they need to call an ambulance. Specialists have discovered that a certain bacterial strain can be a great solution to such symptoms. Mouse experiments have proven that the Protein White can help prevent allergic symptoms and thus play an important role in the treatment of food allergy.
The effect of two bacterial strains in the research was tested: Bifidobacterium longum KACC 91563 and Enterococcus faecalis KACC 91532 in mouse experiments. In E. faecalis KACC 91532, food allergy symptoms in mice were not ameliorated, but when B. longum KACC 91563 was laughing, the discomfort symptoms were significantly reduced.
In the United States alone, the number of children with food allergies increased by 18 percent between 1997 and 2007. During the same period, the number of cases in which a patient had to be hospitalized immediately for food allergy multiplied.
The research was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.
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