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The accident never comes again. But if you are clear of the dangers, you will be less well served - and you can easily avoid the trouble if you are experienced.

We all fear that our children will be affected by an accident. However, the worry itself is lost when the misfortune really breaks down. Today, there are more and more first aid courses for parents, focusing specifically on the dangers of the little ones.
Attendees can benefit from more useful tips and knowledge of life-saving techniques at the end of the program - this is probably the most important help in emergency situations. I tried two courses personally. I was curious to find out what's new about my child's safety with my mother-in-law, twelve years later. The country has fallen…

Happy Mammy

Our Children in Danger - Performing at the Happy Mammy Mothers Aid Service. The basement of the full-house gymnasium classroom is filled with tummy babies, married couples, grandmothers and young bootleggers. Perhaps because of the spirit of the place - since we were in school - everyone was listening in a quiet, disciplined manner. However, it is also true that, in view of the series of images of the grieving children, we were not very fond of giving birth. However, with the "interactive" part, languages ​​have also grown. While each participant was reactivating the ambubabs, the others asked their questions without hesitation.

It is our responsibility!

Awesome, but true: 90 percent of child accidents can be prevented. The responsibility of the parents is Urbsi. No child, even a teenager with a small motor, can make an arrogant accident. Very unpleasant sensation, but almost always responsible: someone who did not teach the rules, who did not hold the little hand, who drove too fast, who was not there at that time.
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We'll show you what not to do with your baby!

Avoidance of accidents requires skills that children still lack: such as danger, proper coordination, accurate estimation of distances. Until they grow up, we need to lend them our existing capabilities. However, do not think twice about the Ogre guardian task! It is also very important for children to be clear about what they are "safe for" at the age they are. It is not easy to find the golden mean between overwork and irresponsible laxity. But we must strive for it! Here are some tips on how to "harm" your home and garden.
  • First look at the eyes of a child! If you need to, tuck your little breast in and look closely at what you can hurt yourself - toss it all!
  • Fold the corners of the furniture with a sleeping mat, place a slip-on under the carpets, fasten the furniture and shelves to the wall so that they cannot tip over, make the sockets child-resistant!
  • Store hazardous and toxic materials (household chemicals, medicines) out of the reach of small numbers!
  • Install a grid or child lock on the upstairs windows!
  • Use slippers in your bathtub and leave no water in it!
  • Do not use or leave any electrical appliances in the bathroom near the tub and washbasin!
  • Put all the dangerous utensils high in the kitchen!
  • Use hot gas boilers when cooking!
  • Cover the garden pool, cover it!
  • The area around the chutes and baths should be a soft-surfaced rubber sheet or regularly sanded!
  • Get your helmet and bicycle gear for cycling, roller skating - for example, use the same!
  • Always use child safety in your car!

Lйghajу program

In the friendly room of the playhouse we had a lot of fire - much more we wouldn't have gotten away with it. The lecture was repeatedly open-ended because everyone had a personal interest in asking what they had heard. We went from one step to the next in a series of dangers to children and found an immediate solution to every problem.
Here, too, there was an embryo re-enactment, and we were able to practice Heimlich's trap, familiar with the highway courses - there was no plastic for the "broken" kid, everyone gave their dad-mothers to relive it. Of course, the following is not an easy way to learn the first aids of course, but I hope you have the urge to find a course as soon as possible. Let's look at the most common emergencies and SOS solutions!

Feel free to choke

As a rule, children should be able to eat safely. So in your car, cycling, jogging, NO! Even rubber is not a baby thing! If a foreign body has fallen into your tiny mouth, by no means do you push the back, it just slides down as you swallow. Also penetrate your mouth only if you are sure that you can remove the good-looking foreign body with a single motion. If the child is awake, well, encourage him to continue. Learn the Heimlich trap and the baby-stranger technique! If your idea is small but not really effective, apply these and call an ambulance. If the child does not breathe, he / she should immediately start the resuscitation and call for an ambulance after a minute.


The area of ​​our palms is about 1 percent of our body's surface area. You need to know this because you need to call an ambulance to get over 5 percent of the disease or take the baby to a doctor. Care must be taken with limb circles affecting the limbs, which may result in the orbital circulation being stopped. In case of hot boiling, the most important thing to do is instant cooling. It's a good idea to keep a special dressing kit at home, which is most effective in such cases - it can come in handy on the go! If there is no double, cold, running tap water should be flushed to the surface for at least fifteen minutes. Pay attention to the risk of falling out, which especially puts babies at risk!

Calm the Blood!

If the bleeding is severe, it should be dampened immediately. Lay it down - raise it if any of the limbs bleed. Sterile gas is best, but if it is out of hand, clean the wound with a clean cloth for 5 minutes, and during that time, do not let go of the wound. If the situation does not improve after all, an ambulance is needed. Even if your bleeding is successful, see your doctor.Important phone numbers
Put a list of phone numbers that you can call in an emergency near your phone. Make a note of your home doctor and your care!
General Assistance: 112
Mentk: 104
Fire: 105
Police: 107
In case of poisoning, call me: Heim Pбl Khrhazz Toxicology and Belgy Medicine Department: 06-1-333-5079