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A woman who has had a transplant has given birth to a baby

A woman who has had a transplant has given birth to a baby

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Doctors at Baylor University Medical Center announced the birth of their first child born to a lung transplant last month.

The Dallas-born baby boy is a reason for the medical community to celebrate in many ways. Х that first baby Namely, who was born in the United States after birth - Reported by case was part of a long-term clinical trial of another year. According to Scrubbing In, an online health care system, Baylor University Medical Center is one of the first universities in the United States to study surgery as a new method of conceiving with or without abnormalities. Each of the women who participated in the experiment faced one of these problems and knew from time to time that they would never get pregnant again. Taylor Siler, however, the Dallas polish gave an interview to Time. Siler, who is the mother of two sons when she read about a medical experiment, decided to offer the baby because she and her husband decided they didn't want any more children. - Are there some in my family who have a very difficult time getting the baby together, and I think that's not right? he told Time. - I think if there's a chance we can give others a chance, that's a fantastic thing.There have been several successful births worldwide after transplantation, Siler did not know exactly who the donor was going to be, but on the day of the transplant and when the woman became pregnant, a letter was exchanged. And the hospital recently told Siler that she had given birth to a healthy little boy. - I just cried and my eyes kept getting light every time I remembered everything? the bishop told Time. - I think about it every day, and it will probably be for the rest of my life.Dr. Doug Lawson, a lecturer at Baylor University, also commented on the fantastic news. - Throughout the experiment, our goal was to contribute at national and international level to everything we knew about the transitions so far. This child is a testament to the success of the program, and we are very happy to be a part of such a great man in his mother's life.Liza Johannesson, a baby and a transplant transplant from Baylor University said, "We have been waiting a lot for this moment, and I think everyone who has been present has given birth to this baby." At least for sure.More articles about the issue: Manipulating infertility by repulsion
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