Who can get breast milk?

Who can get breast milk?

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Collected breast milk can be given to nursing homes and nursing babies. In any case, it is true that birth can occur only if the mother is unable to take care of her own baby.

According to the Decree 47/1997 of the Ministry of the Novi Sad, breastfeeding infants who have severe nutritional allergy, breastfeeding and diarrhea may receive breast milk.
An infant whose mother is physically unfit for breastfeeding is also eligible for breastfeeding if she is suffering from an infectious disease, poisoning, or is taking medication that is damaging the infant's health. An infant who cannot be breastfed by her mother due to her psychological condition or who has been abandoned by her mother may also receive breast milk.

Breast milk needs:

Parents of children who require breast milk may, on the recommendation of a pediatrician, visit breastfeeding nurses at their place of residence who will order breast milk from the dog. The Breast Collector Delivered breast milk to the districts three times a week, distributing breast milk to a pediatric clinic.

Storage and use of pasteurized breast milk:

Pasteurized breast milk should be stored in a standard refrigerator at + 4 ° C until use. Shake well before heating, as breast milk is separated into a fat and aqueous phase during storage. You should always heat as much breast milk as your baby consumes. Boil unnecessary and harmful! Milk that has been warmed up but has not been consumed should be discarded and not used again.
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