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The wake up is not bad!

The wake up is not bad!

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Even today, half of the children do not, or only just get help to get rid of the problem, consider smoking to be a problem.

In Hungary approx. 800,000 4-15 year olds live and live approx. 50,000 have a health problem. Even today, half of the children do not, or only just get help to get rid of the problem, consider smoking to be a problem. Parents are often thirsty for peeing, or they are woken up regularly during the night, even though improper practice can cause serious injury in the child's development, in the personality. The habit and failure of the toilet is the second most common cause of child abuse. Most mothers are very much looking forward to getting a regular diaper wash or not having to buy drape blankets. And last but not least, he was proud of his child's pee and cock. When the room is clean, the parents will become increasingly impatient. liberation, bloody, punishment it only worsens the situation. The child loses his or her appreciation (the bigger the more the more difficult), the more difficult it is to make friends, especially if it is made public at school. Today's domestic conditions make her environment less lenient with a 3-year-old spayed child than with other organ-aided illness. It should be noted that the child is not intentionally urinating. You cannot voluntarily regulate your urine during sleep. Limiting the amount of liquid you use in the evening will not solve the problem. Bladder blubbering is not caused by bladder blight. Alternatively, it has not been peeing during the child's sleep for at least 6 months. It is important to keep in mind that one quarter of children fall off normally after a period of temporary room cleanliness. It is considered to be a disease when the age of 6 is twice a week for urinating twice a week.Primary urination is more common. The primary form is more common in boys. If none of the parents is peeing, 15% of their 6-year-olds can pee in their overnight bed. 44% of the offspring are expected to have a nocturnal spill if one of the parents, and 77% if both were urine to the parent in childhood.

1. Nocturnal urine excretion

Droplets are the decisive majority (80%) During the night, more urine is producedas normal. This is due to a disturbance of the nocturnal secretion of the hormone that controls urine production. In these cases, children produce low-grade urine. Instead of the normal first morning urine of a specific weight above 1030 gr / liter, children urinated in bed receive regular and repeated values ​​between 1002 and 1005. The handling is simple and effective. With the overnight hormone reflux, the complaints disappear quickly. There is no need to be afraid of hormone, it only affects urine excretion, there are no side effects.
Remedies: Adiuretin SD in the form of nasal drops. (Only recommended by a specialist, after examination).

2. Mély sleep

Szlli's complaint: the child is asleep so that he does not wake up to the urine or the urination itself.

3. Lack of development of the nervous system

There may be children who start to "kill" their bladder. This is supported by large-scale spontaneous improvement.

4. Mental problems

It can cause night sickness if the child is psychological stress between the ages of 2 and 4 years while learning urine regulation. For example, the toilet, billiards. It is more common in children of divorced parents.

5. Unknown origin

20% do not detect any abnormalities.

We recommend changing the wrong habits

The spanking of a spanking child is very comfortable for the parent, but it does try to solve the problem. In addition:
  • The child should not be peeing in the open.
  • Evening consumption of caffeine-containing and carbonated drinks is prohibited.
  • Do not allow the child to transfer to the parent's dry bed after spraying.
  • The punishment imposed by splashing aggravates the situation.
  • Bepisilys - Practical advice

  • Use urine-free sheets!
  • Make sure your child can get to the toilet easily.
  • If the toilet is far away, have a potty in the room!
  • Pee before bed!
  • The essence of the treatment is confirmation of responsibility. The child should be an active participant in the treatment. Keep a calendar of your dry nights. If it stays dry, praise it and get a star or sunburn on the calendar.



    Exercise is as follows: In the first week, pee urinally, in the second week 1 hour 10 minutes, in the third week 1 hour 20 minutes. We do this as long as 6X peeing a day. Practice strengthens voluntary control of the bladder and urine. The reward can further increase the efficiency of the method.Related Articles:
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