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Wound treatment, regeneration after birth

Wound treatment, regeneration after birth

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Depending on the severity of your birth, the amount of time it will take before you will be able to survive and move without the hassle.

If only a simple bruising or only a small crack has hit the dam, it will only heal for a few days. Sometimes they are spent together because it is faster and easier to heal. The cuticle wound is often tender and swollen, and may also be slightly inflamed and swollen. To do this, it is advisable to use an antiseptic that prevents the infection and prevents inflammation and infection of the wound.Remember, you have genitals. It is important that the agent used to promote wound healing does not obscure the treated area and cause no additional pain. Because you are after childbirth, you are breastfeeding. Why is this important for wound healing? It is important, however, because there are disinfectants that are absorbed through the skin and circulate through the breast milk and into the baby. It doesn't matter if you know that your disinfectants are such and have a baby-like effect on your thyroid gland, and can cause nausea.
Care should be taken to ensure that the area of ​​the barrier is not under pressure even when using a suitable wound dressing. So, besides proper wound treatment, the use of a soft cushion is recommended. The longest time for cesarean section is healing, as it is a large abdominal surgery. The wound itself boils quickly, but can be very painful in the first few days. If you need to keep your dressing dry when you need to replace it at home, it's a good idea to use a suitable wound treatment spray for the reasons outlined above.

If signs of inflammation of the surgical scar appear, or wounds and after a few days start to burn again, you should contact your doctor. Inflamed, infected wounds can become discolored and cause serious problems. Inflammation, pain, redness of the wounds, and fever may also indicate. Redness of the wounds is obscured by the use of a color wound treatment, so it is worthwhile to use a colorless disinfectant. (X)