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This is how your body works during childbirth

This is how your body works during childbirth

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Childbirth is not only a painful and (except in a few exceptional cases) lengthy process, it is also extremely hard work. What processes are going on in your body during childbirth?

Surprisingly, this work begins in the days before the birth, in the weeks before the baby is "deploying", that is, the baby's head is placed in the pelvis, ready for the baby to rise. The following is the process of voicing: first, the baby's head moves left and right, and the baby moves up and down (of course, just a tiny bit) to help you better fit into the baby canal. Then, the collisions and pelvic bone exert a slight pressure on the fetal skull, with the effect of bringing the eyelid closer to the chest and gradually turning the head. Proper posture is important the widest part of the baby's head can pass through the widest part of the pool.What's going on during birth? As childbirth progresses, the effects of pressure and pressure on the baby's head shift again. Formerly it was on his chest, but now his head is bent (as if he wanted to look upwards) and finally he was on his way to the world. And in the last phase, the contractions are "turned" by the baby, and finally the new world comes out, and the first big breath is spoken of and followed. during birth (via)Also worth reading:
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