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They receive beds in Szlloi beds

They receive beds in Szlloi beds

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The sick child has acquired 379 beds in the hospital for parents with children in hospitals, which are distributed to 32 institutions, the BEC's chief executive said.

Gondos Michael - at St. Imre University School of Education - said the needs of the hospitals they maintained and the resources available to them were reduced to 158 armchairs, 181 folded.They receive beds in Szlloi beds ьgyeltek to the gyбrtбskor to meet бgyak hatбlyos jogszabбlyoknak, moshatуk йs fertхtlenнthetхk are not akadбlyozzбk the kуrtermekben folyу munkбt, йs not be balesetveszйlyesek - said the fхigazgatу.A szьlхknek kйnyelmesebb elhelyezйst biztosнtу бgyak hozzбjбrulnak the szьlхk йs spiritual children egyensъlyбnak megteremtйsйhez.
The purchase cost 42 million HUF.Bedros J. Rуbert Minister of Finance, Director General of the Saint Imre University School of Education, put it this way, the center of the patient is always the patient, and it is important that over the past period, the government has embarked on major health developments that include the renovation of hospitals, the development of an IT park, the purchase of new medical equipment and new medical centers.
  • Parents who cannot stay with the sick child in the hospital cannot ask for money
  • The parents are still sleeping on the ground, even though it would be in the hospital
  • For a while, there will be no hospital beds for parents