We are only able to do anything with our children

We are only able to do anything with our children

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The data published on the World Day of Patients show that the majority of Hungarians can only change their lifestyle with their children.

February 11 is World Patients Day. "World Day for Patients is about understanding, understanding, and supporting. And being healthy requires them to take care of themselves, to remain physically, spiritually, spiritually, interested, "said dr. Béres Jouzsef.The Berries Health Hungaricum Program "Join the wedding!" he launched a campaign last fall with the aim of sending parents across their children: they are the ones who are most responsible for their own health. Initiative has led young people to send messages encouraging a healthy lifestyle to everyone, their own mom, dad or grandparents. "We find that often born very small films, drawings, and photos are really influential in this topic. We just decided to make a and the family. Luckily for your example, let's have some enthusiasm! " - summarized dr. Béres Jouzsef.
The campaign was based on a nationwide representative study of the Berries Health Hungaricum Program, which revealed that we are capable of doing anything for our children. This is true even when it comes to health. Women, mothers are slightly more influenced by their children: they score 8.8 on a 10-point scale, and 7.6 on a male score how enthusiastic they are when their own son or soul wants them to live healthier.