Common diseases during pregnancy

Common diseases during pregnancy

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Illnesses are not good, unfortunately they can be found even if you are expecting a baby. During the winter period, upper respiratory tract cataracts are the most common, but infections of the lungs are more common than before the baby.

The most important thing is that you always have to talk to your doctor to decide if you need to take any medication in your case. THE upper respiratory catarrh they are caused by viruses. Therefore, it is by no means a good idea to take a antibiotic at home when you have the first symptoms of the first episode. So if you get worse or have a high fever, consult a doctorand take the excess antibiotic for as long and as much as your doctor advises.

Take medication during pregnancy only as instructed by your doctor

The same is the case with other infections requiring antibiotic disease. For example, infections in the backyard can lead to premature birth, and you should always seek medical attention for these symptoms. The last third of the pregnancy Type B streptococcal filtering (optional). This vagina means bacteriological growth and reveals whether you carry this bacterium. In the case of a positive result, current professional recommendations suggest that you take antibiotics even if you do not have any signs of illness, as your baby may become infected during childbirth. severe neonatal infections this condition is a very important cause of the disease, so your pediatrician should be aware of your positive test results. You may also need antibiotics during childbirth, such as antibiotics, if you have early onset of the skin and become overweight.

Counterbalance the side effects!

Whatever the case may be, they will recommend a medicine that is not useful to the fetus and that is needed in order for the baby to become a risky due to a variety of diseases. . These agents also have the common side-effect of thoroughly decimating beneficial bacterial flora. The consequence stomach, diarrhea, loss of appetite It can also be bloating, not to mention that due to the reduced bacterial status, other harmful organisms, such as fungi, can multiply. fungal infection of the vagina especially after frequent antibiotic treatment. To the best of our knowledge, the solution may be to start taking some form of medicament to help restore your heartburn during your antibiotic cycle. The bacteria it contains are resistant to the drug and help to balance the balance, but they do not have adverse side effects or cause disease. Do not take it with the medicine at all, but ask your doctor for advice on the correct timing, as this may vary depending on the type of antibiotic.These can also be helpful in pregnancy illnesses: