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Homeopaths enjoyed it

Homeopaths enjoyed it

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Illnesses do not go away in the summer, but fortunately most infections come easy and go fast, and most often the poor help that homeopathy can provide.

Taking a medicine in a foreign place in the middle of the night or in another language is not the best holiday experience, it is worthwhile to think ahead about what can happen, resolved.


It would only happen on a ship, but unfortunately for the sensitive, every moving vehicle is hell itself. Children can be particularly sensitive to their rocking and light-heartedness. If you know you are prone to nausea, it is worth taking an hour before starting to use a tobacco-based homeopathic remedy to relieve your symptoms.

Home would have you

Not all children like the new place and the new conditions. Some people miss their home bed, their usual mettle, and they cry relentlessly when the evening comes. It can help you dive in and calm down with a portion of chamomile.

Just calm down!

The scare that follows an accident can ruin an entire holiday, causing nightmares, severe anxiety, especially for a small child. However, the symptoms of shock can be effectively prevented with a dose of helminths, so even in the event of an accident, it is worth injecting so much even if no physical injury has occurred.

Wound, bruising, bruising

The kid runs, mugs - and falls, of course. It is not worth having a big butt for the bruises, but the treatment should not be missed. The bruise helps heal bruises, and in the case of serious haemorrhages, mountain heron is a panacea.


Beetles come and go, and with the eyes of a child, they are of particular interest. Of course, it can be a bit stingy, but it does help too. If you have a lot of mosquitoes, it is worth taking a mossy moth with a preventive purpose, the smell of which effectively suppresses the blood, but also relieves itchy itching. Larger swelling can be relieved by the extract of Spanish poultice, while softness is supported by balls made from the lump of the house.

This is pain

A strong day, a delicate baby skin, an all-day sunshine outdoors - this trio is a surefire recipe for a holiday disaster. If you want to be sure, pack a sundress along with sunscreen, which reduces inflammation of the red skin, and an ash burger extract soothes blistered skin. And a bullet made of nitroglycerin can help with a strong headache released on a strong day.


Restaurant food, extra snacks, ice cream for dinner - even the strictest mom will be lenient on vacation, and in the great outdoors the kid will now be able to try all the delicacies that have been forbidden. No wonder her stomach is cold in the evening. The tummy tongue of our wall has a slight amount of nausea (Nux vomica) and the stomach has magnesium.

He's not going away

Many children (and adults) feel uncomfortable having to sit in a foreign toilet or do a public washbasin. Hab holds back. But for a week, for the duration of your vacation, this is impracticable. The brace of braces can help solve this opposite.