After getting climates, the father went to the children's hospital

After getting climates, the father went to the children's hospital

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At Bethesda Children's Hospital, a company installed air conditioning for free. Zsolt Orosvárri, the initiator of the Beds in Szolnok, negotiated free installation of the air conditioning with the company.

Free installation of air conditioning by a company at one of the children's hospitalsIt was Zsolt Orosvárri who had earlier taken action on parents' beds, and many of them had benefited from them. Now, he was the one who intervened to equip the children's hospitals with air conditioners. He also started a consultation with an air conditioner and has already installed the first piece of equipment for the Metropolitan Center of Bethesda Hospital, for free - wrote on The plan is to get climates in the countryside soon. Stocks will continue to be involved with other companies. Orosvari has also dealt with climate trading. According to the president of the Hungarian Hellenic Republic, 98 rooms in the hospitals of the Hungarian hospitals do not have air conditioning, 33 in the hospitals and 41 in the intensive care units - this is where Orosvár's stock comes from. Intensive departments require special equipment that cannot be purchased by individuals instead of reserved.
  • The mothers lay in front of the hospital, the procurement begins
  • Parents still sleep on the ground even though they would be in the hospital
  • Parents who are staying with a sick child at the hospital cannot ask for money