What is BLW?

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BLW (baby-led weaning), or "on-demand nutrition," to put it simply, means you can forget about chips and feeds and let the baby eat it by itself.


But how? And what if you don't eat? To this we add a few highlights with the help of the babycenter. Many parents unknowingly they are BLWs, mainly with the second baby. Babies love to imitate their older siblings, simply by pinching the food on their side, just as their friends or sisters do.

How do you see it?

If you have a BLWsimply give your baby a diet that is age-appropriate, but not just average, but can be started. Instead of carbon paper, for example. Move the baby a bit, slice it into a ring or long ribs, and give it to him. Your baby will most easily do well with handy snacks that are neatly sliced ​​or have a small "tooth" like for cooked broccoli rye, of course, only if you leave a little bit on their hairs. First, of course, you might start playing with the Mouse, but be patient, you will soon be BLW-zйs "Mestersйgйre".

What are the Benefits of BLW?

THE BLW help the baby discover the food alone, which will be very useful eg. at the time of weaning, because you yourself have to deal with different textured foods, and that will make your job easier. Those parents who a BLW followers all report that their babies are eager to taste all the food so they don't have to worry about introducing solid foods. Babies that are left alone . Well, that doesn't sound good?

Listen to this!

If you feel like it, your baby is ready to go BLW, it is important that you give him small snacks first so that he can easily chew them. BLW-t. Professionals say once your baby is stable, you can start a comfortable meal. Toddlers who receive their first solid snack after 10 months are more likely to reject "regular" meals. They are less open to innovation and the discovery of new tastes in the following.Gill Rapley leaders guilt a BLW hнve. He has issued 130 delicious toothbrush recipe books, BLW recipe you may find the cookbook contains comprehensive recipes and menus for the whole family. If you are curious about it, you can check it out here (a little English knowledge is needed).These may also be of interest in nutrition topics:
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