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One of the twin dolls lostBalass is born to the twins

One of the twin dolls lostBalass is born to the twins

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Happiness sometimes disappears in a matter of moments, and then it rises from the ruins. Fortunately, Mahasti was not alone for a moment with the tragedy that befell them.

Smolinka Eszter Mahasti hastбncoktatу, language study
We were photographed for the third week? 30th
When are you expecting your baby? July 14, 2011
Photo: Orsolya Horvath M.

When we talked to Mahasti the first time, his pregnancy came in week 30. She was born for a natural birth at St. Stephen's Hospital in Budapest by dr. Enikхvel of Kassa and Erika of Bethlehem Surdusz.
It's been three years since you lost a baby in the mid-term pregnancy. Now for the double beating, twins!
They only conceived me when I was filling myself with that loser. It wasn't easy, it took me a while. When it turned out in the eighth to ninth week that I was now expecting twins, we were almost shocked, but not terrified at all. Somehow I felt like the baby we lost was coming back.
What has been your best status so far in terms of recruiting?
It's because my couple are afraid because my great-granddaughter, I was alone with my joy. Now I have to get used to having someone who expresses on a daily basis how much she is expecting children. You are planning together.
What was the worst?
For the first month or so, I have a constant heartburn, a heartbreaking winner, and now I'm just barely breathing. I've been keeping my belly button worn for a couple of weeks. I feel like I certainly wouldn't do this once and for all. Surprised you are about to have a natural birth with twins, nowadays it is very rare! My grandfather, too, was born naturally, lightly, and drummed. It is true that not everything is perfectly fine now, because more fetal water than normal, probably one fetus, is already visible on ultrasound because of its abnormal heart development. We come to hear the sound of it regularly, and I trust we will get it into your hands.
Three months have passed since we met again ...

The Baby: Haas Balzbaz Koppbny,
the photo is 2 and half a month old
Born: June 11, 2011
Weight: 2280 grams, in September,
two and a half tomorrow 5500 grams
Photo: Rbtka Йva

When we talked big tummy at week 30, you could tell the boys were different, and they were. One week later, Bence did not die. What happened?
Exactly one week after we met, we went to a heartbreak, where it turned out that Balazs's problem had worsened. Afterwards, we had a ultrasound on the birth together with the prayer. The little ones were just plugging their heads together, and we saw the heart of both of them beating. Now, I feel like they could say goodbye to each other because they have been in yin-yang form, that is, head-to-toe. Incredible psychic-bodily mischief in the power of the night before yesterday. In meditation, I had the impression that Bence's soul had disappeared, but I was distracted by the thought. In the morning I went for an ultrasound again, which showed Bence was not alive. Since the lunar was about to start, the doctor called an ambulance, so we avoided the II. This is the Clinic. I think you call it the state I was in. I didn't try to stop the list.
Bence died, who was completely healthy?
Yes. There was no light at all anytime soon. The baby was finally delayed until week 35, when the cubs started, but by then all the babies were in my stomach. I watched the voice twice a day, but if I couldn't find it on the wall, I was shocked. They offered me a double room, but I didn't live with it, it was good to be in a quarters, not even a twin mom who was like a tap. I wondered how many were standing next to me, it gave me strength. From a professional point of view, I have been fully compensated. When the chief doctor saw how much he was angry and sent me psychology, they were those conversations. My knowledge of Andrea Medda's healing nature has set me up with a Bach Virotherapy treatment and her friends and friends have also sent me healing energy. St. Mary, who for me, like a life coach or barber, came to me that very day and gave me a matrix of energy management.

Apb, Haas with Balz (33)
Photo: Edit Kozбr

My couple was here every day, and my mom brought my son home sometimes. It was a month when I was involved in everything I was afraid of: the house, the injections, the interventions, the people around me.
However, Balzs is a very relaxed, sweet, smiling baby, who will bounce out of health, exclusively breastfeed, and have beautiful little sneakers!
He understands the question of where the titty, the pomp and the grandfather's name are. And they are very liberal. He was pleased and pleased when he was praised in the midst of darkness. I couldn't breastfeed in the hospital while in incubator, but at least I could breastfeed with my milk. There was no question about the filling, but we were also asked where the milk we brought. Then I put it on for a few minutes, and then the pacifier came. From the moment we get home, I try to do something more natural: I breastfeed when I show up, I don't see how much I eat, I thought I would give birth if I didn't. There are times of the day when you are breastfeeding very often, sleeping in a row, and having a longer sleep period. When he falls asleep, laughs in the air! My husband also likes to donate, in which case he takes security milk in a baby bottle. Life is slowly returning to its normal course. I keep my Russian language for a few weeks and after a few weeks I get involved in belly training, but I still have something to fix my stomach, back, and foreign currencies.