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Triple X Syndrome: Screening and Symptoms

Triple X Syndrome: Screening and Symptoms

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Triple X syndrome is a sex chromosome disorder in which the symptoms range from extremely wide, ranging from asymptomatic to more severe in nature.

Triple X Syndrome: Screening and Symptoms

This chromosome X Trismmi is also called, and women affected by the syndrome are called "supernatural." Out of 1000 newborns, 1 child was affected by triple X syndrome.

Triple X syndrome

In the case of trisomy of the X chromosome, instead of the two normal X chromosomes in the cells one more X chromosome can be found a. As a result, the cells will have 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46, and the excess X chromosome physical and mental qualities can result in people affected by the syndrome. Triple X syndrome in most cases not dry. In the development of gametes, random changes occur in the chromosomes.In the case of the mosaic Triple X syndrome, the extra X chromosome is not found in all cells, only in one part of the cells. In this case, the defect does not occur in the germ cells but in the early stages of embryonic development.

Symptoms of Triple X Syndrome

Triple X syndrome does not appear to be abnormal in physical condition, but it is characteristic of women affected by the disease. On average, taller and more bony. Patients' internal organs are normal (sometimes with reduced development), sexual development is normal, and childhood malady may be less likely to occur.In some cases, . Lower birth weight, lower head circumference. Children's motor development may be slower than average, muscle weakness may occur, and they may learn to survive and walk less. may Szбmнtani the йs valу elmaradбsra beszйdfejlхdйsben olvasбsi nehйzsйgre is.Az X kromoszуma triszуmiбjбval szьletettek intelligenciahбnyadosa цtцdйben cases lower than бtlagй, may be prone diszlexiбra, koncentrбciуzavarra, йs memуriaproblйmбk figyelhetхek may occur in 10% of patients -бn nбluk.A veseproblйmбk йs remegйsek too.

Diagnosis and treatment of Triple X syndrome

Pregnant females may require fetal screening tests during pregnancy that show different chromosome aberrations, I can also filter out Triple-X syndrome. The so-called NIPT tests (non-invasive tests) look at maternal and fetal DNA circulating in the mother's bloodstream after a single blood flow. These tests do not pose any risk to either the child or the mother, and their reliability is very high. The chromosome test is from placenta (CVS) or fetal cells (AC) and is 12-20. week after childbirth. Carotypic examination (which requires a blood test) can confirm the chromosome aberration in the future.It's important to knowIn the infertility of women, there may be several numerical differences in sexual chromosomes (eg triple-X syndrome and Turner syndrome). In the case of suspected chromosomal abnormalities, they may also perform chromosome testing to discover the cause of infertility.Lecturer: Anna Kékesi Genetic, Biologist.Further articles on chromosome aberration:
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