Birth pools are dangerous for infections

Birth pools are dangerous for infections

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Workers at the British Institute of Health have called a special pool a danger of Legionella infection.

The Legionella source of severe lung disease the condition may often be found in improperly maintained conditioners. Now, in the case of a British case, pools used for home births could carry the bacterium. There are currently 10 companies in the UK selling this type of device, and the problem with the recall is related to an unnamed manufactured pool. Although according to experts the problem rarely occurs, in the case described New serious condition it also required intensive care. Manufacturers recommend using the device in the evening before the expected date of birth. However, a circulating water should also be provided with disinfectants. Pools are also used by hospital obstetricians, but they pay more attention to reducing the risk of infections.

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Legionella infection in England affects about 350-400 patients a year, especially the elderly. Fortunately, the disease can be cured by conventional antibiotic treatment.