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Parents are pushing back on the blackboard, kids think Yoda would be a good teacher

Parents are pushing back on the blackboard, kids think Yoda would be a good teacher

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Half of British parents approve of corporal punishment and reintroduce the blackboard in schools, and many students want to teach the Star Wars Master Yoda, a survey in Island found.

Thousands of parents who have high school children have been asked. 49 of them support the beat and the board is "renaissance", while 45 of them are opposed, that is to say, they are very divided, only 6 are indifferent or unfocused. At the same time, 91 percent said teachers should be given the opportunity to take stricter action against their students.
However, a union of educators says that school discipline has improved, which - in his report - has banned corporal punishment in the island.
Even ten more years ago, even more parents supported corporal punishment, and 51 percent of them supported it.

Instead of handing out slaps, it is worth keeping an eye on

The teacher is the student

As far as punishment is concerned, the "most popular" - in the parish circle - is the "expulsion", like the kid's command from the classroom. This is endorsed by 89 Szabolcs. The closure - the "aftermath" of teaching - is supported by 88 percent. But yelling at the child is only 55 percent.
91 percent of parents say that teachers are increasingly afraid of students, 86 percent say they are parents of students, and 90 percent fear that legal action will be taken against students being disciplined. Students were also asked by the surveyors about the race. 19 percent of those directly "affected" would approve of the return of corporal punishment, 71 percent are opposed.
The survey also asked who they would consider to be a perfect teacher or lecturer. The great ones Albus Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter movies) was ranked number one with 36 percent votes, the second Jamie Oliver Jedi Knight-Training Becomes 26-Year-Old Bid Yoda with Master of the Star Wars.
Perfect teacher for most (40 percent) Harry Potter's "mother of the mother," JK Rowling We would keep it, but Kate to Middleton, alias Princess Catherine, was also a believer, and she was fourth with 21 percent, according to the BBC British Press.

Baby Room

Arrows are rarely needed to avoid being disciplined. Talking to Hungarian adolescents, we learned that they didn't like a teacher who needed to be disciplined, because that also meant he wasn't interested in dating. On the other hand, we find that anyone who can untie them is much more loved, even if it requires more than a weak and untrained workforce. Not surprisingly, Ranschburg's Jen was so good at it!
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