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Did you tell her today I love you?

Did you tell her today I love you?

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British scholars have unraveled the secret of happy, or at least good, marriage. Let's see what you need to do for a good relationship.

The results were based on the answers of two thousand married couples themselves. According to the survey, in order to stay happy in the long term, you need to have at least three times a month You go to the restaurant, twice a week, taking care of one another, talk like that, six times a week csуkolуznitwice like to have, and at least nine times in two weeks to say to one another that I love you;.

Did you tell him today that you love him?

Romance and travel are good for improving relationships

The answers revealed a cross-country trips they are especially good for the relationship, and those who get vacated at least twice a year make their marriage happier. 58 percent of the respondents love to hang out with their couple because these occasions remind us of what they love so much about again. And 55 percent of married couples like to vacate together because they have much more time each other than any other time in the year. surprise dinneror if you have one morning in the morning It takes the tea to the others. According to the researchers, if only three times a month were pleasing to couples, it was enough to balance the relationship. But, according to those interviewed, it is equally important that you divide your housework equally, as 35 percent of British couples said they would be happy if their housemates help with the work.

A week's quarrel inside

You do not have to be frightened of the mourning moments: it is known that happy marriages include a "healthy" quarrel every week. Sхt the бllandу egyьttlйt not kitйtel the jу hбzassбgban йlхk nйha kьlцn-kьlцn also eljбrnak szуrakozni the barбtaikkal.A tйvйnйzйs terйn compromise jellemzх rбjuk not vнvnak kцzelharcot the tбvkapcsolуйrt, йs rely instead on aktuбlis tйvйmыsor inkбbb sajбt filmgyыjtemйnyьkre home moziznak.Йrdekes it is reported that 42 per cent of the couples asked at first sight fell in love with their first marriage, and 47 per cent were friends before they became friends. Middle-out never goes to bed after a quarrel, and believe that the key to good housekeeping is to try to stay out of bed.