Symptoms of viral inflammation in children

Symptoms of viral inflammation in children

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Bronchiolitis occurs mainly during the winter and in the spring. Especially in babies, viral inflammation, especially in babies, often requires hospitalization.

The most dangerous thing for a couple of months old babies is bronchiolitis

Infection affects the lower respiratory tract and causes inflammation of the lungs. bronchiolitis its development can be seen in several infants. You can choose from RSV, Parainfluenza, Adenovarrus and Rhinovornus, and other bacteria - Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydia pneumoniae. However, it is most often caused by a virus. We talk about a very fast-spread viral infection, spread by drop infection, and the virus can survive to the lungs on objects. Bronchiolitis is not to be confused with bronchitis. Bronchitis means acute inflammation, bronchiolitis means acute inflammation otitis media cover. (Hemorrhoids occur in the vesicles, which carry the gas exchange.) Bronchiolitis is a small, infant-like, adult-onset bronchitis.

Symptoms of varicose veins

- Nasal congestion
- runny nose
- Fuck
- Transition
- fradradon
- coloring skin
- increased coughing
- change of breathing (fast and superb breathing, sometimes with a faint sound)
- anxiety
- vomiting
- Feeling the smallest (from the baby), the symptoms appear in a more severe form, making it difficult to eat, consume fluids, and therefore have a high risk of dehydration.

Treatment of viral inflammation

If you have difficulty breathing, you may need medical attention. In the institution, we could provide the sick child with oxygen, fluid and nutritional supplementation. (Because of this disease, the baby is the most hospitalized treatment.) Because the most common form of choice is the virus, antibiotic disease is completely meaningless.

Venereal Cystitis - Who Are Most At Risk?

Slightly more frequent disease in the son. In terms of age, the smallest are the most vulnerable - a Infants 2-6 months old Parents are the most likely to get headaches in the respiratory tract. They are more likely to become infected in the smoking environment, and those who come into contact with others, for example, breast - Nutrition.The best remedy for frequent disease (between November and February) is frequent washing, proper hygiene, non-smoky environment, breastfeeding.