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Zakatolу Music Music

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Budapest Film Zrt. Is the new initiator of the Zakatolу Music Music Unique Fairytale Concert, where well-known cartoons and slides are recreated with live music on the screen.

The cinema becomes a magical place when the room first starts and the kids feel that something exciting, something new is happening here: the movie starts, comes alive, the fairy tale starts and the band starts.
Budapest Film Zrt. Commissioned Krisztián Nagy to compose the music of Zakatolou Music. The musician founded the Syntax Cinema Orchestra in 2005, the first cinema band in Hungary to date. They are also often jazz and classical musicians. Based on the characteristic musical inserts and melodies of the old tales featured in the show, he composed a large part and a small part an improvised concert. The band also plays on interesting musical instruments that fit the children's musical world, such as the kazoo, the storm drum, the tilink and the kalimba. After the show, the kids can get ready, try out the musicals, meet, talk to the musicians. Nearly three quarters of the time, there are five fairy-tale films, including Leo and Fred, Rabbit Rabbit, Dumbbells, and Hungarian filmmakers. The show is mainly aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10, and of course anyone who would like to be a part of this extraordinary movie, concert and story.The music of Zakatolou Music:
Krisztián Nagy Tódor - organ, melody, voice
St. Moritz - guitar
Kiss Бrpбd - Trumpet
Szabolcs Vereb - saxophone
Palatinszky Mбrton - bass clarinet
Peter the Great - big booby
Badics Mark - Drum
Bernбth Atom Tamбs: Mesemond
Date: December 11 and December 30, 2011
Starts at 10:30
Location: Pushkin Cinema
1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 18.
Tickets are available at the Pushkin Cinema Cash!
Tickets: 1100Ft
Family ticket: 3500 Ft (3 children + 1 adult or 2 children + 2 adults)